Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Is any one bound for Zurich?

Come on hands up, how many of you were checking your diaries and checking out whether there was any possibility that you could arrange a European excursion based around yesterday's news that AFCB would be playing against FC Zurich on Friday 5 July?

I don't blame you. Zurich is a beautiful city although I have only trotted along the cobbled streets once before and many years ago. I had a quick look at the easy Jet flights, as you do, just to see that a return flight would be just over £100 if you could fly out on the Thursday and return on the Monday for a long beer filled weekend. Then I thought, I hope it is not a closed door match! No mention of how many  tickets would be available for the actual match, but I am sure AFCB fans will be welcome.

Twitter was buzzing with the news after the announcement. Then I heard the venue would be in Horgen, 20km from the city, rather than at the stadium. Oh well, perhaps we should not expect too much.

At least we can have a quick look at FC Zurich's players. Among them is Josip Drmic who is their top goalscorer on 10 and Amine Chermiti on 8. Not quite household names but they play in a good league with Young Boys, Basel and Grasshopers. As I said a few days a go it is great for our team to get to play against a different style of play and it should be good preparation for what the team faces next season.

AFCB's site also announced today that Sean O'Driscoll's Bristol City will play the Cherries at the Goldsands stadium on 27 July.

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  1. On the subject of going to Fc Zurich, I think it will be played at like a training pitch. So doubt it will be open for fans.