Thursday, 23 May 2013

All Departments Episode Two: AFCB away fan George James

Episode Two of All Department’s podcast is out now and features an interview with George James, a committed away fan who talks about his experiences following the Cherries around the country. You can subscribe through iTunes, Zune, Miro and Doggcatcher or listen via RSS through the website at . We will also feature the podcast on our side bar at Cherry Chimes later today.

Michael Dunne, a family stand season ticket holder at AFCB,  is the author of the All Departments podcasts and below he offers more details about what it’s all about and why he started it.
Michael on the pitch after the last game of the season that was away at Tranmere Rovers.
Thanks Peter for allowing me to post on Cherry Chimes about the All Departments podcast.  

All Departments is an attempt to in some way reflect the fan experience at Dean Court, both over the years and up to the present day. It isn't a professional undertaking but just something I thought I would enjoy doing and hopefully people would like to listen to. As a DIY endeavour, All Departments isn't an attempt to compete with the likes of Solent and the much missed official Up the Cherries podcast. I am more aiming to celebrate the fans' perspective and the joy the club brings into our lives, even during our many less successful periods. I've always had a sense of enormous good fortune to have grown up in a town with its own Football League team, and this is something I hope will come across in the podcast.

I'm an enthusiastic radio and podcast listener, and this, along with my lifelong love affair with the Cherries, was my inspiration for starting All Departments. The name is obviously taken from the cry of 'Up the Cherries in All Departments' which has rung around the Court ever since I can remember.

Anyone who supports the mighty AFCB or has a connection to the club is welcome to come on All Departments. As well as discussing events in and around Dean Court, I am quite keen to have a regular opinion feature where individual fans have the opportunity to get it all off their chest. I'd also like to look at the history of the club as this is something I have always enjoyed taking to other fans about.

Over the summer I am hoping to put out All Departments about once every two or three weeks. All being well, when the new season in the Championship begins I would like to podcast a little more regularly. Ideally this would be within 24 hours of every game but that seems a little ambitious at the moment. 

If you are interested in coming on All Departments, want to say your piece in the opinion section or have any ideas or feedback on the show, get in touch by e-mailing: You can also follow on Twitter: @alldepartments

Hope you enjoy All Departments if you choose to listen. UTCIAD!

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