Saturday, 18 October 2014

An added incentive to beat the Addicks

Charlton have shown that the Championship one season does not have to be anything like it the following season. They have the unbeaten record that everyone wants but is so hard to achieve. Even Bob Peeters knows that their run must come to an end sometime soon and he'll then have the task of picking them up and getting them to start another run. There is also added incentive though for teams to be the ones that bring that run to an end though and AFCB are first in line this Saturday.
Ryan Fraser is well capable of taking a game by the scruff of the neck.
I would hope that AFCB's players would see this as a challenge that gives them an extra edge to their game. It is no good being worried about a team that has a great record in the Championship. Yes, they have players that are likely to hurt you if you're not on your game. But what a buzz it would give our players if they can steal a win against the unbeatables? Following up on the Bolton match it would rapidly look as if the Cherries' season was again on the up and a lift is key now heading into several home games.

Charlton play with some good width and will be a team that will try and counter AFCB's flying full backs and I think this is where the game will be won and lost. Making the most of crosses has not been a strength of the Cherries so far, and while Yann will not be available to finish things off, it may well fall to some of those who have not been finding the net regularly to start getting on that score sheet.

You may have your favourites who you would like to see on that score sheet, but for me it is young Ryan Fraser who I would most like to end his drought. Why Fraser? Well, when he scores he lights the place up and he usually gets a taste for goal once he has put one away. Ryan has made eight appearances and four of those were as sub, so he has not really get in the thick of it as much as he might have and I am expecting a big performance from him sooner or later. If he could help end the Addicks run, it would be a pretty good Saturday.  UTCIAD! 

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