Monday, 27 October 2014

Elphick will be tested against WBA

In AFCB's last game, Tommy Elphick was basically caught out and basically hauled Donaldson down in the box with a virtual rugby tackle having got the wrong side of him, and it was only Artur Boruc's fantastic save that preserved the clean sheet. How ever pleased Tommy will have been with the win, I am sure he will be disappointed that he made a mistake and will want to show that he is on top of his game with some of the Premier League boys coming to town. It is rare that we see Tommy get a yellow card, but I am sure he will be determined to have a brilliant performance on Tuesday night.
Tommy Elphick will be hoping to keep the clean sheet record going.
Tommy will feel even more responsibility on his shoulders with Steve Cook missing the match, but he has already played a few games with Baily Cargill and has been singing the young man's praises. The feel good factor will make training a pleasure in the next few days for the players and Tommy is one who certainly is unlikely to be slacking. He will need to be at his very best.

The team is not only winning well but it is keeping those clean sheets coming and to get one against West Brom would be particularly satisfying. The players have earned this chance to be playing the top teams more regularly, and it is not by any luck that they have risen to where they are in the league table. It is reassuring that Eddie Howe feels he can slip in any of the players from the squad to play in such an important game for the club without weakening the team. That opinion though will be thoroughly tested on Tuesday night. It will be down to players like Tommy to show that AFCB is capable of fighting it out against quality opposition and coming out on top. That is the benchmark that has been set now. AFCB need to used to challenging the best. Come on Albion - we're ready for you!

I have written some pre-match answers for the Albion Till We Die blog which you can see up on their site now ahead of Tuesday's game. I hope you are all enjoying the comment section on the bottom of each article that is now supported by MatchChat - give it a go if you have not tried it yet - you can use twitter to sign in.

The All Departments' double-header podcast is now available to listen to. Listen to reviews of the Reading and Birmingham wins on All Departments' website or listen by scrolling down the side panel on Cherry Chimes to the All Departments' sound bar. It's 95 minutes of joy!!

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