Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Callum Wilson already looks like a bargain

It is no wonder that strikers cost so much money when they win you so many games. AFCB would have been lucky to come away with a win at Bolton were it not for the finishing power of Callum Wilson. His first goal showed his quickness of feet and sharpness of mind. Callum is one of the most goal hungry strikers I have seen at AFCB. He does not seem to worry overly when he misses a chance, but gets up and has another go. That makes him a cracking buy for me and he has already shown that he is worth the large amount of money that the Cherries payed Coventry City for his services.
Callum - back on target at Bolon.
While there is still more to come from Callum, it is great that Eddie Howe, Jason Tindall and Simon Weatherstone will be able to work on him and encourage him to greater things. It is not every day that you can find a striker that is a raw talent that has the attributes to be a big star at the top level. Callum is already showing that he is capable of great things, and for his first season at AFCB he is setting a high standard. Yes, he could have scored more goals. He has missed chances, but he has also got himself into those positions to get the chances. 

It was interesting to hear that Harry Arter said that the team had been working hard on getting Callum though like he did for the second goal against Bolton. Callum took the ball down nonchalantly, despite it being a difficult ball to control and he had the presence of nerve to steer it past Lonergan with ease. Playing to Callum's strength is clearly starting to pay-off, and the season is already starting to mirror last season in what a certain striker, who has moved on, achieved for AFCB. Let's hope that come the end of the season, AFCB are in a better position to keep Callum's services.   
Hot property - Callum Wilson is proving to be a great buy for AFCB.

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