Sunday, 5 October 2014

Did Kermorgant deserve to see Red?

There was only one question that AFCB fans had on their lips after the match at Bolton - did Yann Kermorgant deserve to see red? In Andre Marriner's mind it was a clear and immediate decision to send the French player off of the field of play. Most commentators believed it was justified for a high foot up against Mark Davies, which was said to catch him on the thigh. Looking at the incident at full speed, it looked like Yann had caught him more in the head, as Davies had ducked towards the ball. Yann did not look like he saw Davies coming as his eyes appear to be on the looping ball, but the referee perhaps thought there was some intent. Such is AFCB's luck of late that two red cards in the last two games is the way it has been going, along with conceding late goals.
Yann's high boots get him into trouble.
Of course by now I have had the opportunity to see the video clip back several times to feel that Yann could have been given a yellow for his challenge, if it had been another referee on the day. Still it was a challenge that was going to make the referee consider what was a fitting punishment and while he leaned to the more severe interpretation of the incident, it is hard to argue against his decision from the camera angle that TV viewers see. Still, AFCB showed that they are a side that can dig in and grind out a result with 10-men.
Kermorgant has much to thank his team mates
 for after they pulled through against Bolton.
The referee had not been too generous to AFCB earlier on, when Callum Wilson was taken out as he ran into the penalty box by Matt Mills. A penalty might have been given, but only a free kick was awarded. Yann Kermorgant so nearly scored from the opportunity but for a goal line clearance from Mark Davies.

I think the bad run of late has really made the players very determined not to lose any more points that they should really have in the bag. It would have been easy to get everyone behind the ball and defend after Kermorgant's red card, but the Cherries have learnt that they have to attack and ask questions of teams down the bottom of the league, and on this occasion they benefited from being brave and not sitting back with 10-men in the second half.

Eddie Howe said: "Most things again were chucked against us today. Having a man sent off away from home in the Championship, it does obviously change the game and it does make it difficult to win the game or obviously to get a point....My initial thoughts I can see why the referee gave a red card, his foot was high, but there was no malice in it."
Yann is now suspended for the next three league games.

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