Sunday, 12 October 2014

Ritchie is a player that Howe must aim to keep at AFCB

It was pleasing to see Matt Ritchie have such a positive attitude in the Bolton match. He can blow a bit hot and cold, but he seems to be finding a level of performance now that could keep him in the side for a considerable time. If he can do that then the goals for him will surely come.
Matt Ritchie is starting to find the consistency that we all want him to deliver.
What Ritchie has also been doing better than others on the right is in integrating his work so well with Simon Francis. He seems to know when Francis wants to dart up the wing and his ability to find him with a pass is now consistently higher than it was at the start of the season. If there is a mark on Ritchie's game it is in defending and cutting out those loose passes in the middle of the park, but going forward it is hard to pick another AFCB player that shows more skill and flare.

The other pleasing part about his performances from what I can see is that he is getting his head down and really trying to prove that he is the best right winger to wear the shirt. It is going to be difficult for the wingers to start regularly, but I expect Ritchie will be vying for the most appearances on the wing perhaps with Marc Pugh come the end of the season.

Once Ritchie starts to get a few goals as well, he is likely to be one of the players that can help AFCB get into those play-off places. He is certainly a confidence player and when he is on his game, he can be AFCB's most exciting player. He is expressive and a talent but Eddie has to keep him pushing those boundaries as when he falls short he can slipped well below the levels that we like to see. 

While I have heard from some quarters that he is a player that may not promote harmony in the dressing room all the time and is likely to be a top target for other teams in the January window, I don't see him having anything to gain by seeking a move as he has become a mainstay in this team. Teams like Derby County who have registered an interest in Matt over last summer will be pushing for promotion and it is essential that the Cherries keep the wins coming to stay in contention with such teams come January as they are likely to look to strengthen. AFCB like other teams needs some strong characters and Matt is surely part of the future that Eddie Howe is building up at the club. 

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