Sunday, 26 October 2014

Tokelo did not disappoint

AFCB fans have been shouting for Tokelo Rantie to join the action for quite some time and while he did not get a whole match against Birmingham, it was great to see him take it all in his stride. It would have been easy for him to let another player take the penalty that came AFCB's way in the second half. Marc Pugh was on a hat-trick at the time. The pressure on TK you can say may have been lessened by the fact that AFCB were 0-5 up, but when you really need to score, the pressure is on. so it was good to see Tokelo slot the ball home like he hadn't a care in the world.
Tokelo Rantie's performance was the icing on the cake against Birmingham City.
That takes bottle. AFCB fans can sense now that Tokelo is ready to deliver. He is a player who I think will thrive on the club as it does well. If he can be a part of that fun and enjoyment I believe we will see the best of Tokelo Rantie in the next few months. He may have come to the party a little late for some, but if he can start to regularly contribute he will be given the kind of support from the fans that is reserved for special talent. The exciting aspect to all this is that Wilson is on form, Pitman is on form, Rantie is on form and Yann is about to come back hungrier than he probably was before.

Whatever you may feel about the games when AFCB were not getting the results and were not getting any decisions go their way, the team now has a belief that I've only ever seen with Eddie Howe teams. It is the kind of spirit that took them right through League One on Eddie's return and if you have not yet put a bet on for this team to be involved in the shake up of Championship come next may it might be time to reconsider.

Eddie's judgement on players is hopefully right on TK. We are starting to see that Rantie is able to score at the Championship level and with gentle encouragement he may yet prove any doubters wrong. Getting a second goal in open play against Birmingham will also have demonstrated that Rantie is really a goalscorer that can be predatory, and it does not appease him just to score one goal in a game. In some ways it was lucky for Birmingham that Rantie did not come on sooner than the 64th minute.

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  1. Sorry totally disagree, TK had to score the goal in open play, even my younger brother could have scored that. We have 3 strikers, Wilson, Pitman and Kermogant we should either have Stockley ahead of TK or use Fraser as a forward. TK is a waste of money and we need to see him in Jan (perhaps these 2 goals may fool another team into thinking he's worth a million).