Thursday, 2 October 2014

Can O'Kane have as much impact as he did last season?

Over the summer there were a couple of AFCB players that fans particularly hoped would not be the subject of bids from other clubs, and high on the list of must keep hold of players was Eunan O'Kane. Eunan has become a strong member of the team, but is may be more of a challenge for him to see if he can have as big an influence as he has in the past. The passing pattern of play is often set by Eunan and he has had a quiet start of the season for me, although I am sure he can soon get back into the groove and can start dominating games in the way we know he can.  

Looking at the way Eunan has been used so far it may surprise a few that he has only been out of the starting line up for the Leeds home league match and the Exeter Capital One Cup game. Prior to the Derby match he had appeared in 10 matches already and had made on one substitute appearance. From what I can see he is only just a game behind Harry Arter and Matt Ritchie in appearances for the Cherries up to this point. His assists only total one so far, while he has not scored but Eddie Howe clearly sees Eunan as an essential part of the side these days. 
Can Eunan up his game more?
Some of his work I do feel is perhaps a little unseen in games as he is often getting a foot in and playing the ball quickly to others to start things going, rather than playing in such a forward position which he is also capable of doing. He is a player who I like to see run with the ball when he can as he scuttles along and passes players before they know it. But I don't remember him really grabbing a game by the neck yet this season, and he is one where I believe there is more to come.

Having had a season in the Championship Eunan should be confident that he can be as good a defensive midfielder as any out there in this division. I am hopeful that he will get an international call up soon and start to really become a player that other teams are more wary of. I don't see why he can't have as big an impact if not even more success in pushing on AFCB further this season. So next time Eunan is selected, which is likely to be the next game - take a close look at how he does and his distribution and you'll probably find he does a lot more than you might expect.  

Michael's Dunne's All Departments' podcast of Derby 2 v 0 AFCb is now out. To listen go to the All Departments' website or scroll down the right side panel on Cherry Chimes to the All Departments' logo and click on the sound bar.

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