Monday, 9 February 2015

Can AFCB stop Derby gaining any initiative?

The Rams have been gradually positioning themselves to make an assault on the top of the table again. They were last there back in early December and the form of AFCB has given then a target to aim for. This Tuesday night they have the chance to make an overtaking move, but even if they achieve that the league will be far from one in this one off game.
Derby fans unveil a large flag last season at Dean Court.
It is all about initiative in this match. If one of the sides can get a good win then they will feel that they have beaten their most dangerous rival for the title and it could give that team the confidence to go on a run that ultimately lands them the title. Whichever side does come out the better, and of course it could well turn out a draw, that side will only have a slight advantage. I would rather lose this game and yet come out higher overall in the league table if a defeat meant the Cherries went on a winning run through to the end of the season. Ideally, both of these teams will win promotion.

At the moment there seems to be three front line candidates for two automatic spots. The trick is to probably not think of this as a do or die tie but more of a match to pit some of the best players in the Championship together in a match which next season could well be a Premier League tie. Not losing the game could of course be the first thought in both managers' minds and while we hope for a good football spectacle it could turn out to be a match that is over hyped. After all it is only three points on offer. But still AFCB don't want to give any of those points away and there is a feeling that we owe Derby one after what happened at the iPro earlier this season, as the Cherries might have come away with a draw if they had not gone a man down.

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