Sunday, 1 February 2015

An outstanding second half shows where AFCB really are

I found it hard to keep up with all the chances in the second half against Watford. It was a match where the TV cameras finally got to see why this Cherries side is scoring so many goals. The power on both wings was just too much for the Hornets' 10 men to deal with. Charlie Daniels and Marc Pugh were ripping things up on the left wing, while Ritchie was enjoying lots of space and Francis came down the right like a steam train in the second half.

The pace of the attacks were especially good and they had to be to pull this stubborn Watford side apart. Even Eddie Howe sounded surprised at just how well the Cherries went about their task. "The game as it was was high profile enough and then with the 10 men it almost added to the pressure on us and there's an expectancy then to see chances and goals fly in," said Howe. "It was never going to be that way. Watford were disciplined. They kept a good shape. It was difficult for us to penetrate them centrally and we had to be patient." 
Pugh was imperious against Watford in the second half.
I particularly like the way that the team kept going forward and didn't slacken even when they were two goals the the good. They wanted to put this Watford side to bed and the way they set about doing that with some superb passing and controlled possession was a real treat to watch. Too many pundits have said that the Cherries can only have a temporary stay at the top and this game answered those critics in my mind. Even if Watford had had 11 men on the pitch for the full 90 minutes they would have found it tough going.

If AFCB can keep going for the jugular like this they will dispose of many more top Championship sides and I am just glad that I'll have a good seat to see it all happen.

I also just wanted to say that I hope Huddersfield's Tommy Smith who was airlifted to hospital yesterday during their match against Leeds Utd.

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