Friday, 13 February 2015

Do AFCB take on a Huddersfield team with little to lose?

Since Chris Powell knows the Championship inside out and surely has a big folder on what Eddie Howe and his team have been doing. The league is now well formed and mid-table security looks bolted on for the Terriers. Their second half of the season could yet be better than what has gone before though and AFCB represent a goal that they can set themselves as an achievement to tick off before the season closes. Chris Powell will be telling his troops they have nothing to lose or at least very little - they should come and have a go.
Huddersfield sit well in mid-table but have they got higher ambitions.
A change in manager has seen the Terriers move away from the bottom clubs.
The ability to go on a run and stay unbeaten is a consistency that Huddersfield just have not found yet, but running out at Dean Court they'll probably be thinking of more than just stoppling a top team. You can forget about what happened up at the John Smith's Stadium earlier in the season. This is a different team and under another manager who will expect a very different performance. They need a few more wins as do AFCB so it will be an open game I would think.

The pressure at the top has been a constant for AFCB, but they have managed it well in recent weeks. Now they have to try and get back up there. The Cherries have had two big games at home of late with top six teams the visitors, but this one is different as they will need to make the atmosphere and heap the pressure back on Huddersfield to get a result. 

Cherry Chimes is featured on the Award-winning Thrice Champions' website now with a preview of the Huddersfield match!

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