Thursday, 19 February 2015

The Bees throw a Warburton - but Cherries expect tough game

I can't quite understand why Brentford's owners has disrupted the marvellous job that Mark Warburton and his staff have been doing at the Bees. Matthew Benham has his reasons, but it must be tough for everyone at the club an the fans at the moment. Sky Sports shed a bit more light on the club wanting to go more the European coach route of set up and using stats more to determine how the team is chosen, but it's perhaps not the way that Warburton would like to manage the team. Come the end of the season though Mark Warburton will no longer be the manager at Griffin Park, but he'll have a great resume, and it's hard to know what effect the decision this week will have on the Brentford team's performance.
AFCB and Brentford at Dean Court back in August.
AFCB got an early shock when Brentford came down to Dean Court at the start of the season. The Bees played well and given some better shooting could well have come away with a point or even all three points. Since then they have showed what a good side they are by notching up some very impressive wins and they rightly deserve to be right up there. Their home form has been really strong and I know AFCB won't get anything from Griffin Park if they are not at the very top of their game.

If there were underdogs this season, it would not have been rude for anyone to put Brentford among their three clubs that might have been favourites to find the Championship too hard. How wrong they were. The Bees have thrived off it and are storming the league gathering a points total that will likely surpass what AFCB did last season. The club has done everything well up to now and yet one comment from the top could so easily have upset the waggon now. Brentford still may have to learn to be a bit more media savvy, but I can't argue about the way they have gone about the rest of this season it has been terrific and refreshing.

While the game has not been one of those selected for TV coverage, it is actually possible that such a game could be a Premier league fixture next season. Traditionalists would not like that but I'm all for the smaller clubs turning over the big ones and getting promotion. 

I guess in this match AFCB might be considered as the big baddies and Brentford would see the Cherries as a good scalp, but I don't see much in it between these two teams. The game will be played at a frenetic pace and I would not be surprised if a mistake or two cost someone the game, but for sure these two squads will go for a knockout blow and I make this one of the most exciting fixtures of the season. UTCIAD!

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