Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Is the pressure getting to the Cherries?

It is easy for those outside the club looking in to suggest from recent results that the Cherries have been cracking under the pressure and are slowing falling off the pace at the top of the table. That is exactly what some have been hoping for as the big clubs line up for a go at winning the Championship. Yet, we have seen this Cherries side dig in when results have gone against them and there is good reason for believing that they still may be a front runner in the race for the Championship title.
AFCB have to be on it from the start against an inform Forest side.
AFCB are in need of a big result following the results last night. The draw against Huddersfield is still hanging around on some fan's minds and it would be good to dispel that disappointment along with the Brentford game by getting a win up at Forest. So while the Forest match is seen as a difficult one, I guess it is these kind of matches that the players should want to do well in as it would not be a big surprise if they were pushed out the way by one of the big clubs now. The Cherries need to show that they are resilient and are not shaking under the pressure of Derby, Middlesbrough and Ipswich having over taken them and Norwich, Watford and Brentford all coming up on their heels!

Eddie Howe needs to steady things down really quickly now. There has been so much good work this season that it would be sad to see things deteriorate from here on, but if AFCB can't cope with the pressure now they certainly would not be ready for the Premier League. It is a test of character and putting some solid training sessions down to build that confidence and take it out on to the pitch. The Championship is a battle and I hope AFCB can start to fight harder for a top place.

A poor match at Forest will just heap more pressure on the Cherries for their next home game against Blackburn Rovers, so a good display up at Forest is now a major test of this team and whether it is being unlucky or is starting to struggle. Eddie Howe claims that the side is still making chances, but it's the points that are important even if the team does not play well. Safe journey if you are travelling to the game tonight. UTCIAD!

Player News: Matt Ritchie faces a late fitness test and my find that Ryan Fraser did enough to keep him on the bench tonight.

The De
velopment Squad played well, but went down 2-1 against a Gillingham side yesterday. 

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