Saturday, 14 February 2015

It's all about focus now

There is a big prize up for grabs and sometimes it is easy to get carried away with thinking that you just keep on turning up and the points will come. Everyone wants to topple AFCB and one team after another will still come and try to catch out the Cherries even if the Cherries have slipped from top place. 
We saw a performance against Derby, but Eddie
 will want all the points against Huddersfield.
Eddie Howe was very clear in his interview on TalkSport last Monday that the aim now was to stay focused on the task ahead. The next game is always the most important and what I like about the team is that they are just taking games in their stride. While Eddie said the Derby game was not just another game, it was important that the team did not lose sight of what they had to do in the match before against Wigan. I feel a similar task stands in front of the team as they line up to face Huddersfield. Okay, they are not in the top six and not among the favourites to pinch a play-off place, but they have shown that they can hold their own in the Championship. 

Huddersfield were one of the teams that I thought only a year ago how it would be great to achieve what they have managed to do in the Championship - stay in the league and be comfortable in mid-table. AFCB have had their traumas against the Terriers in seasons past and we know they are a hard working side. AFCB have to match that endeavour if they are to secure the points.

The incentive is also there for the lads in that if they do win they go back to the top of the league again with Derby and Middlesbrough in FA Cup action.

You can catch up with more of my thoughts ahead of today's game over on the award-winning Thrice Champions website. They were very keen to know if all AFCB's success was just down to money!

I hope you are all keeping up with the fixture changes since the start of the year - Middlesbrough game and Brighton match moved as well as Fulham! Did I miss any?

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