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Forest's 2-1 come back leaves Cherries down in fourth

Match Description
Nottingham Forest 2 v 1 AFCB
25 February 2015
Attendance: 20,637 (including 618 AFCB fans)

Having seen their league position slip to fourth this week, AFCB really needed a result against a Nottingham Forest team that have found themselves under Dougie Freedman. AFCB may have shown Forest a hard time in the first half but they still came in at half time 2-1 down. Andrew Surman had put in a great curling shot to give the Cherries a flying start but all the good work was wiped away by more failings to stop corners and free kicks. It was another match where the Cherries had promised much but allowed Forest to get back into the game and hold out.

Eddie Howe surprised everyone by making three changes to the AFCB starting 11. In came Adam Smith, Ryan Fraser and Brett Pitman. Yann Kermorgant suffered a family bereavement in the week and missed the game while Charlie Daniels was rested and Marc Pugh and Matt Ritchie moved to the bench. It was perhaps a bit of a risk to bring in that many players, but the team needed fresh legs and a jolt try and get them back to winning ways. It was time for some of those players who had been missing out on start to come to the fore and show that the Capital One results were no fluke. While Ritche had been a doubt with a leg strain after the Brentford match it was a shock to see Marc Pugh on the subs bench having scored and played okay at Griffin Park. Most fans will have been pleased to see Rantie on the bench though.

Jason Tindall with the team news.

Match Description: Listening to Willo and Kris Temple on BBC Radio Solent
The Cherries are in their blue kit tonight. Burke is running at Smith and gets a cross in but AFCB have a free kick. Adam Smith has the ball on the left. Gary Gardner clips Smith and AFCB have a free kick. Fraser tried to get on the ball quickly but it has to be retaken.

Ritchie has a shot that is deflected behind for a corner. Darlow has to tip the ball away from Elphick's header. Surman curves the ball in from 25 yards! Just two minutes gone 0-1. Left footed curler - Darlow no chance. Pitman now gets another corner off of Lichaj.

Fraser deep to Francis and Forest clear the ball for a throw. Wilson gets his first touch and now Surman to Smith. Past Burke and Lichaj defends. The Cherries have a free kick as Wilson is fouled. Fraser to take on 6 minutes. Ritchie, deflected and wide! Another corner.

It's taken short. Surman square to Fraser and Elphick and Fraser crosses and it is headed clear and Lichaj gets the ball up to half way. Ritchie has Francis outside him but it's headed away. Adam Smith and a shot from Fraser is saved by Darlow down to his right.

Darlow kicks the ball at Wilson! Wilson has the ball and shoots wide. It was a goal keepers kick out that went horribly wrong. Lucky escape for Darlow.  Fraser now and Pitman Lascelles makes a clearance. "Total domination of the ball," by the Cherries says Willo. 

Lansbury catches Fraser late on half way. Lichaj heads the ball away on the left wing. Cook puts the ball out by mistake. Forest now. Chance for Lansbury but a poor delivery and Boruc catches the ball. Smith wins a header. Lansbury and Osborne onto Fox and Antonio running at Francis and looks for Blackstock. The ball is back on half way now.

Fox back to Gardner. Smith is caught and wins a free kick. Forest have the ball. Lichaj and Burke back to Lichaj around Fraser. Cook misses his clearance and Antonio can't capitalise. Down the right with Francis and Lansbury clears to Francis. Surman plays it too strong through to Darlow.

Cook wins the ball and Ritchie gets possession. Smith misses his tackle and Chris Burke wins a corner. Osborne to take. It is at the back post with Lascelles but cleared to Osborne. Antonio and Ritchie gets a toe in and Lascelles shoots and wins a corner thanks to the assistant ref. Boruc punches away. Osborne and Pitman slides in for another corner.

It's been smashed in by Laschelles! Blackstock had the first go and Lascelles had the next go from 14 yards and it flashed past all the AFCB players - 1-1. "AFCB's tendency not to hold onto a lead strikes again," says Kris Temple. 21 minutes gone.

Ritchie plays a ball to Fraser and he is blocked by Lichaj. Wilson challenges Gardner and Anotonio is offside. AFCB give the ball away. Blackstock loses the ball though to Boruc who is out quickly. Adam Smith and Surman is nudged by Lansbury. AFCB have a throw. MacDonald start off again. Ritchie and Francis. Free kick to AFCB 25 yards out. Ritchie stands over the ball. It has been headed away for a corner.

Fraser takes the corner to Pitman whose header loops over the bar. Burke is tackled by Smith. Lichaj and Antonio, but Boruc gets there first. Forest win a free kick. Cook stops Burke on the wing. Approaching the half hour.

A free kick to Forest. Lascelles can't control the ball and Surman sees it out for a goal kick. Steve Cook's diagonal ball to Ritchie and Surman has it and Fraser, but Collins clears. Surman to the left and Smith and Lichaj puts a late tackle in and is yellow carded, 32 minutes gone.

Fraser delivers the ball and it breaks out to Ritchie and Francis, but Pitman heads over. "The pitch seems to be helping us we are moving it around much quicker," Willo.

Burke has a shot from 25 yards but it comes off Adam Smith and straight into Boruc's arms. Wilson and Fraser and Smith on the overlap wins a corner. Darlow flaps and wins a free kick. Osborne looks for Antonio who sets up Blackstock and Boruc makes a good save! "I think that is only the third time they have been able to applaud their team," says Willo.

Smith and Blackstock fouls Adam Smith in the corner. Forest have a two man wall. Matt Ritchie has a shot blocked and Collins clears behind for a corner. Fraser into the box and Surman can't control the ball. Adam Smith has been penalised by taking a throw too far back! The throw is given to Forest.

There is five minutes to half time. Lichaj takes the throw. Adam Smith across to Francis and Fox battles but Ritchie is pushed out of play. It's a goal kick to AFCB. Forest playing 4-1-4-1. Smith into the edge of the box. Bad ball by Surman. And Antonio shoots at Boruc and it's out for a throw.

Antonio is fouled by Francis 20 yards out and left of centre. Lansbury and Fox are near the ball, just a minute and a half left and Lansbury has scored over the wall. It's 2-1. For the second game in a row AFCB have conceded right on half time. Willo and Temple don't think it should have been a free kick in the first place. The referees are really not helping AFCB at the moment.

Two minutes of added time. Gardner fouls Fraser. Ritchie puts a cross in but Darlow smothers it. "Forest are 2-1  up,"says Willo. "I don't know how they have done it, but they are."  Lansbury is fouled by Adam Smith. Osborne to Fox and Francis blocks the ball. It's half time.

AFCB have had 75 per cent of possession and 10 shots, three of them on target. Forest have had eight shots and five on target. The Cherries have had seven corners to Forest's three. Set-pieces are what have done the cherries in so far tonight.

Second Half
Wilson tries to get a cross over but it is over with Pitman and Francis. Wilson rolls Collins and Osborne puts the ball out. Smith into Wilson but Garnder deals with it. Smith misplaces a pass to Gardner, but AFCB have a free kick. Fraser on the right and the cross goes into Darlow. 

Burke on the nearside and Adam Smith is adjudged to have fouled Chris Burke. Not really a free kick. Still Forest again have a set piece. Lansbury fires wide of the right post. Osborne is tracked by MacDonald and Fox. Surman now to Ritchie who is now on the left. Fraser into Surman and Fraser's shot or pass goes out for a throw.

Forest have a free kick in their own half. Blackstock and Smith goes to ground. Free kick to the Cherries. Fraser down the right and Francis into Surman, eight minutes of the second half gone. Elphick puts the ball out. Blackstock wins a free kick off of Tommy Elphick.

Of the line by Adam Smith! The far post again and it's out for a goal kick. It remains 2-1. Ritchie out to Smith and Ritchie back post to MacDonald and Pitman on the volley is well over. A poor cross from Smith curls out of play.

Wilson holds off Collins. Cook lets the ball bounce and back to Boruc. Elphick clears. Wilson on a run and Ritchie. Not a great cross.

Fraser and the cross, Surman heads wide. Darlow is wasting time with his re-starts. An hour gone. Cook to Smith. Surman comes forward and MacDonald. Now Fraser into Wilson onside and gives a free kick away. 

Elphick wins a free kick. Smith now wins a throw. Surman and MacDonald. Ritchie and Lascelles clears.
Francis crosses and Antonio at the near post Wilson went down but no penalty. Osborne wins a free kick.

Pitman is fouled by Gardner. Pugh and Daniels are getting ready to come on. 19 minutes into the second half. Forest defending very deep. Ritchie against Lichaj and Forest win the throw. 

Fraser 25 yards out and blocked by a defender for a corner. Fraser left footed too high. Daniels and Pugh come on and Fraser and Smith come off. Almost an immediate impact from the subs. and Daniels shot is deflected for a corner. Pugh tried to get in but it's out for a goal kick.

Mancienne comes on for Chris Burke. Fox shanks the ball out of play. Surman finds Pitman. Pugh beats Lichaj and Francis and MacDonald. It runs for Ritchie and Surman but the ball goes behind. Forest not getting out of their own half.

Osborne gets through and shoots at Boruc. Mancienne turns into trouble. Pugh runs into too many red shirts. Surman and Ritchie to Francis and Pitman glanced it away from Pugh. Wilson little lay off lands up with Darlow, 70 minutes gone.

Osborn is clipped by Francis. Free kick 30 yards out. Blackstock is subbed and on comes Fryatt. Lansbury shoots too high. Rantie is warming up. Surman to Wilson and the ball runs out.  Fryatt chases the ball but Elphick wins the ball and it comes away with Cook.

Pugh step over and a throw to Forest. Tokelo Rantie comes on for MacDonald. Forest with Fryatt but it's out for a throw. Pitman is in midfield now. Darlow gathers the ball ahead of Wilson. 12 and a half minutes left. Daniels and Pitman running on but it's on the roof of the net. 

Francis puts the ball out by mistake. Lansbury is onside but Boruc is out first. Cook and Daniels. The ball is put out by Fox. Pugh and Fryatt. AFCB have a throw. Cook to take. Elphick and Francis in there but it's Antonio on the break and Daniels holds up Antonio. Surman looks for Wilson but Darlow is there. Darlow is still wasting time moving the goal kick from one side to the other.

Eight minutes left. Elphick and Francis. Rantie back to Elphick. It's too high for Wilson. "We've not seen 
enough of Wilson tonight," says Kris Temple. 

The final ball is still lacking for AFCB. Elphick cannons the ball against a Forest player but the ball comes back off of Tommy. Fox has the throw in. Pugh comes forward with Lansbury the only player left up field. Daniel's cross does not reach Wilson. Pitman out to Ritchie, back post and it's hacked away.

Lansbury and Osborn and Fryatt. AFCB have the throw. Daniels cross is taken by Dalow. Antonio is subbed for Veldwijk.

Cook gives the ball away Veldwijk shoots. Just four minutes of added time. Matt Ritchie on half way. Throw to AFCB. Pugh to Wilson and Surman and Francis, back to Ritchie. Francis has the ball back. Veldwijk fouls Cook. Just two minutes left. Francis to Pitman and Daniels. Fryatt, Osborn to Fryatt in the corner.

Pitman loses the ball. Fryatt shoots wide. Rantie and a free kick to Forest.

Another disappointing result for the Cherries. That was not half the story though as AFCB were frustratingly good at the start but Forest stood still and took their set piece chances to leave AFCB four games without a win. The Cherries have just lost the knack of winning and it is now looking like the Cherries are needing some favours from other teams to not start falling out of the top six. There were no shots on target in the second half for the Cherries and they can't keep a clean sheet. In the end Forest had seven shots on target compared to AFCB's three.

Boruc, Francis, Elphick, Cook, Smith (Daniels 65), Ritchie, MacDonald (MacDonald 76), Surman, Fraser (Pugh 66), Pitman, Wilson.

Camp, Daniels, Ward, Gosling, Stanislas, Pugh, Rantie

Nottingham Forest
Darlow, Lichaj, Lascelles, Collins, Fox, Gardner, Burke (Mancienne 67), Lansbury, Osborn, Antonio (Veldwijk 89), Blackstock (Fryatt 71)

Forest Subs
Mancienne, Wilson, Fryatt, Veldwijk, Paterson, Vaughan, de Vries

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