Monday, 9 February 2015

The best two passing sides come together at Dean Court

Some how this game against Derby County should be seen as a celebration about what is good in the Championship. The cameras are not there with big TV audiences but I am hoping they will be missing a real treat. Both sides like to get the ball down and pass their way through and around teams and they have some great  goalscorers on both teams. 
These are the kind of games you want to be playing in.
It is no fluke that these teams are at the top of the table. Their styles are effective and well drilled. That gives me the feeling that they could well cancel each other out but Derby did manage to get a win at their ground and the onus is really on the Cherries to try and even the score up in this match. Other teams in this league don't have the consistency that these two teams play with either, and for three goals to be the only thing separating the sides at this point of the season makes this a pretty hard game to call. Even if you take the last 10 games that the sides have played, AFCB have only managed two more points than Derby in those matches.

This game does give one of the teams the chance to pull away and it is not a time to experiment with anything very different in my opinion. I hope AFCB go out and play their game and try not to focus too much on what Derby can do. If the Cherries passing is fluent and accurate they can get the upper hand, and a defeat can come in many ways it would probably hurt Derby more to lose by being out passed. It has been their privilege to be known as the best passing side in the Championship for the past two seasons and  to take that off of them would need quite a stunning performance. Somehow I don't think either side will be holding back here. 

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