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Cherries second best as Norwich ease to 3-1 home win

Match Description
Norwich City 3 v 1 AFCB
12 September 2015
Attendance 27,018

The prospect of going to Carrow Road was seen as perhaps a good chance to see if the Cherries had progressed since coming up to the Premier League. Eddie Howe may be thinking that he is not sure if they have made big strides on this outing's result for while the Cherries contested the game well they could not respond when they went behind and in the second half the power of Norwich's running down the middle with Howson and Hoolahan opened AFCB up rather too often while the defence arguably backed off too often and paid the price. At 2-0 down it was brave to change to a back three but there was not stability and Norwich could have scored more than the three that they did. At least a consolation goal from Steve Cook was met with a cheer. The real worry is that AFCB have to find a way of limiting that goal against column.#

AFCB made three changes with Adam Smith replacing Charlie Daniels, Junior Stanislas made his first Premier League start for the Cherries and Josh King came back into the side to replace Lee Tomlin while new signing, Glenn Murray was on the bench. Meanwhile, Matt Jarvis made his Norwich debut and Wisdom replaced the suspended Whittaker.

Jason Tindall gives the AFCB team news.

Match description as it happened

AFCB looked resplendent in their pink kit. Elphick misjudges the bounce of the ball  early on and Norwich are first on the attack. Adam Smith gets a touch and will be tested today being up against Nathan Redmond. Josh King gives away the first foul on Tettey.

The Cherries are soaking up the pressure and get a free kick themselves as Wilson goes down on half way. Wilson pressurised Martin into giving away a corner. The referee is being picky over the placement of the ball but Norwich are given a free kick anyway. Smith now down the left finds King, but the offside flag goes up as Ritchie shoots. Wilson was coming back from an offside position.

Tettey wins another free kick and Norwich are playing out from the back. Cook puts the ball out for a throw. Hoolahan sneaks in down the right side of the box but the ball runs out for a goal kick. Nine minutes have gone and it's not really settled down yet. 

Cameron Jerome wins a corner off of Steve Cook. Wilson and Howson get a talking to and the corner comes in and Kings gets it away. Bassong and then Tettey has a go but it's well over. Boruc makes a poor goal kick.

Smith now advancing and O'Kane , Stanislas and Elphick to Francis but Jarvis cuts the ball out and has his cross blocked. Martin on the ball. But Stanislas wins it. Wilson and Surman on the left.  back to O'Kane and Francis on the right but Ruddy comes for the cross.  Francis now does some defensive work. Brady puts in a good cross but Boruc takes it comfortably.

17 minutes have passed. Redmond is chased out by Francis.  Stanislas releases Wilson but Ruddy is there first. Norwich certainly have had more of the possession so far. Brady and Jarvis but Francis wins the ball in the box. Howson and Jarvis now. Hoolahan, Wisdom and Redmond. Norwich are playing across AFCB's back line. Tettey is given a yellow card though for taking out Josh King.

Francis on the right but Ruddy beats Wilson to the ball.Elphick does some tidying up. It's Norwich pressing again with Howson and Jerome, but the whistle has gone. AFCB win a free kick. Francis comes in side and Wilson gets a shot off that Ruddy takes high up. Ritchie now and Francis and Francis collects a card for a foul on Jarvis who has been the Canaries best player. 23 minutes gone now.

Smith wins a free kick now. It's already getting niggley and Smith is booked for his reaction to Hoolahan's dive. Jarvis on the left crosses but Boruc is there. The quality of the crossing for both teams is lacking at the moment. Stanislas finds Ritchie. Elphick and Francis comes forward. O'Kane finds King but the ball runs out of play - sloppy from King.

 Cook plays the ball up, Surman and Wilson. Surman again finds Wilson and back to Cook. AFCB enjoying some possession. Francis wins a throw. Ritchie crosses. King and Stanislas!! Brady comes in with a saving tackle. Corner on 29 minutes.

Hoolahan picks up a yellow now for a deliberate hand ball. The free kick is wide on the left and it's forced out to Cook and nothing comes of his pass. Norwich on the right now. Boruc makes a clearance. Hoolahan into Jerome and he shoots but hits the side netting. Elphick was doing the covering - that was close!

No shots on target so far for the keepers to have to worry about. Srman in the middle is finding more space now. Ritchie and O'Kane, Cook and Elphick up to Francis. Ritche is blocked. Surman to Stanislas. Norwich are defending well. Elphick and Cook have the ball. Francis to Surman and Wilson is away on the right but his cut back to Ritchie is not controlled. Howson wide on the right to Redmond Hoolahan and Jerome puts Norwich ahead 1-0! Jerome beat Elphick on the six yard line on 36 minutes.

Elphick to Francis and Ritchie on the right. Free kick to AFC after a late challenge by Brady. O'Kane and the Cherries have a throw. Goal kick to Norwich. Norwich have a bit more confidence now. Martina and Wisdom his pass breaks down.  Jerome and Hoolahan. Surman now to Smith. Thrown in.

Tettey comes away with the ball. Bassong back to Ruddy. Howson and Brady to Jarvis on the left. Hoolahan inside and Howson but the ball is out for a goal kick. Wilson now finds Stanislas. Francis into Ritchie and O'Kane over to Cook. King loses out to Brady. Two minutes of extra time. AFCB have a free kick and Elphick and Cook come up Corner now to the Cherries. Off the post - Cook then Wilson with the header! 1-0 Half time.

Second Half
No changes at half time. AFCB kick off. Jerome on the break, but Boruc is out. O'Kane and Stanislas. Ritchie and Stanislas puts it wide. Howson and Hoolahan. Jerome fires from outside the box but it's wide. Stanislas loses the ball. Jarvis puts a ball across the area but no one reacts. Josh King is offside.

Wisdom and Redmond shoots wide. Wes Hoolahan now down the middle and as AFCB back off Hoolahan shoots and makes it 2-0! 52 minutes gone. Elphick gave too much space there.

Stanials on the left. Smith, Elphick and Francis.  A break Hoolahan and Redmond, Jarvis and Brady. A wild challenge by Francis and gets away with a reckless challenge on Jarvis, 54 minutes gone. Francis definitely lucky to still be on the pitch.

Ritchie loses the ball. Howson through the middle. Wisdom and Jerome's on the post but Elphick does enough and it's a corner. AFCB bring on Kermorgant and Murray and take off Stanislas and King on 57 minutes. Murray is wearing No27.

Hoolahan is causing all kinds of problems. Smith and Francis come forward, but Norwich are on the counter and Ritchie gets a card for taking down Redmond. Martin tries to get on the end of the kick but it goes past the post.

The Cherries are now playing three at the back - Francis, Elphick and Cook. Redmond and Tettey into Wisdom and  Redmond with Howson coming in - corner.That came off Francis with Boruc stranded. Howson and Brady. Redmond and Brady shoots and hits the bottom of the post! Norwich are well in control.

Kermorgant and Murray have hardly seen the ball since coming on Ola football now from Norwich on 66 minutes. O'kane is dispossessed by Howson and Jarvis makes it 3-0 on 67 minutes. Jarvis cut back inside Cook and buried his shot in the corner.

Howson again in the middle. AFCB are looking to bring on a third sub. It's been a long time since we have seen the Cherries outplayed like this. Wilson now and Basong clears the danger. Gosling replaces O'Kane on 72 minutes. AFCB have chased the game but it has not worked out for them.

Hoolahan is replaced by Dorrans on 73 minutes and Jarvis comes off to let Olsson on the pitch. Ruddy makes a big clearance.Boruc lofts the ball forward. Gosling and Ritchie. Goal kick to Norwich. 

Jerome takes on Elphick and the defender wins. Ritchie in field to Cook and Francis. Smith goes down but no foul. Jerome and Redmond in support but Cook gets there. Tettey and Dorrans. Francis now. Surman up to Wilson and wide to Smith. Kermorgant to Francis and Ritchie recovers the ball and wins a corner.

Goal - Steve Cook thunders a header in on 81 minutes. Cook scored from around the penalty spot with the header. Norwich make a sub bringing on Mbokani.  Redmond and Mbokani has a shot blocked. 

Cook over to Francis. Ritchie wins a throw. Ritchie to Gosling and Cook long to Smith. AFCB playing it around now. Redmond and Howson. Brady again and Redmond and Mbokani is beaten to the shot with Boruc out. Elphick is slow to get up.

Wilson on the run just sees the ball out pace him. AFCB have a free kick. Murray heads over. Ritchie to Elphick. Free kick against Smith. Goal kick to AFCB. Kermorgant loses a boot but seems okay. Francis and Elphick. Four minutes of extra time.

Francis pushes Mbokani. Brady has a go from an acute angle but Boruc is alert. Corner to Norwich. Ritchie clears. Ritchie on the left loses the ball to Wisdom. the full time whistle goes 3-1 to Norwich.

Norwich were good value for their win. The Cherries have some work to do at the back and will want to try and find Wilson a bit more often than they did in this match. there was not a massive gulf between the teams but the best team on the day certainly won. Francis also will be told that he could easily have left the Cherries on 10 men so there are some lessons to take on board after this result.

Norwich: Ruddy; Wisdom, Martin, Bassong, Brady, Redmond, Howson, Tettey, Jarvis, Hoolahan, Jerome.

Norwich Subs: Rudd, Mbokani, Dorrans, Lafferty, Olsson, R Bennett, O'Neil.

Cherries: Boruc, Francis, Elphick, Cook, Smith, Ritchie, O'Kane, Surman, Stanislas, King, Wilson.
AFCB Subs: Federici, Distin, Bennett, Gosling, Pugh, Murray, Kermorgant.

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