Thursday, 17 September 2015

Now is the time to put in a performance

While the Cherries are going to suffer some games where they don't pick up points, there are some that you would pick out pre-season and say - this is not one they can afford to lose. Sunderland will know that as well and the need to get one over on a team that is expected to be in the relegation picture brings its own tension, so I hope that Eddie Howe is just telling his players that every home game is important, just like every away game.

Keeping points coming is the way to stop the pressure from building up and having not registered a win at home it would be a massive step if the team can add three points now at the Vitality stadium. The home fans have not enjoyed that feeling of celebration yet, with just the one goal against Leicester City to get excited about. Supporters need to be roused though and the players will feel a whole lot better if they can hear the pleasure of the AFCB fans responding to them playing well.
Will Yann get a chance to play against Sunderland?
It's down to all the players that come out on the pitch during the 90 minutes to put in a performance. With a long away trip to Preston to come after this game it's a Premier League game that the players should want to get under their belts with a good win. They've worked hard to be involved in games like this all of last season, and once the home win is ticked off they can use it as a building block. 

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