Thursday, 3 September 2015

Expect Wilson to pull rank on penalty taking

Having looked through Glenn Murray's selection of goals for Crystal Palace I suspect I am not the only one who thought - gosh, he's taken a lot of penalties! Indeed, Glenn seems to like the pressure of taking spot kicks but I thought that the days of seeing Callum Wilson fighting off another AFCB striker were likely to be over and now I'm not so sure.

Callum is going to want every goal he can get
this season and that will include a lot of penalties.
Callum Wilson always has a big smile and is easy to talk to but when it comes to deciding who should step up to take a penalty for the team he tends to grab the ball pretty quickly these days. I hope he sorts out who is taking the kicks very early with Glenn. Of course Yann Kermorgant also like to keep his technique of putting away spot kicks and we might find there is a new pecking order.

The need to be top goal scorer is important to the individual but maybe not so vital for the team as long as whoever takes them scores the vast majority of them. It must be a nice accolade to have though and yet is it more prestigious to have scored your 20 goals without having many penalties in among them? Frankly, the stats will count a goal from the penalty spot as equal to a goal from the half way line so taking a spot kick seems a pretty good way of getting your goal count up in my opinion.

Some strikers simply don't like to take penalties though so maybe we should be delighted that the Cherries have rather a lot of forwards that enjoy putting the penalties away - you never know when it might come in handy. 

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