Monday, 14 September 2015

The Cherries could not contain Norwich

There is no shame in losing to a good side and Norwich beat AFCB comprehensively on Saturday. For the first time this season the Cherries were outplayed and could not hold back the tide of energy from Norwich's midfield runners. The Cherries could not get on the font foot and when they have to sit back and contain sides they look as comfortable. Eddie will be looking for some comforts from the match, but he'll also want to get the team on the practise ground and iron out some of the mistakes that have been creeping into the Cherries general play.

A busy repair week ahead for Eddie Howe.
Some of the disappointment of the defeat for Howe will be that his side could not get the better of a side that are perhaps in a similar position having just been promoted. Norwich would have felt pressure too having not won at home before this game, but there was no sign of that. While the Cherries have gone to Anfield and Upton park an looked comfortable they did not seem as settled and the disruption to the left side of the team was perhaps a weakness. Certainly Norwich got in on the left side for that first goal. 

Another area where there appears to be problems is in central midfield where the balance of fast passing and powerful shooting is not quite evident. It was clear that Howe was looking to shore things up a bit by bringing Dan Gosling on when the Cherries had suffered falling a third goal behind. 

For once Tommy Elphick also looked vulnerable with the pace of Cameron Jerome and his movement leaving Tommy chasing at times. It's that sharpness of not quite being quickest to the ball that Howe has to try and get back into the team now. The snap was not there and the fact that AFCB have been averaging conceding more than two goals a game is one stat that they have to change as it is asking a lot for the forwards to score three and four goals every game to get a win.

This afternoon we'll hear about AFCB fan Tim Aston's trip to Carrow Road.

My friend Michale Dunne also has his latest All Departments' podcast out reviewing the 3-1 defat against Norwich in his usual detailed way. Just visit All Departments to listen in.

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