Thursday, 24 September 2015

It had to be them - Liverpool!

I'm not one of those fans who would ever tire of seeing AFCB playing a team like Liverpool. Yes, we know they have been a bit of a sticking point for the Cherries in the League Cup and FA Cup over the last couple of seasons but there have been too many years when AFCB simply have not been on the big stage and have gone out to teams like Preston and Hartlepool before even getting to round four of the Capital One Cup.
Yes, it's Anfield again.
You do wonder though how the balls keep on pairing Liverpool with AFCB. I expect Eddie Howe had a smile and though oh great not a again, but if there is a day when the Cherries beat a side like Liverpool in a cup it is probably going to be the year when the club has a real opportunity of lifting silverware. There is much less of a gap between the two sides now on the pitch as we saw only a few weeks ago and perhaps a different story will play out this time.

Listening to Carlisle and Liverpool take penalties last night to see who would go through to the fourth round was kind of weired as the draw was already known and an away trip to one of them was already booked for AFCB. I guess at least Liverpool is not quite so far and for those who missed the Monday night league fixture it is another chance to go to one of the most historic grounds in the country.

This time Brendan Rodgers maybe under even more pressure than the last few occasions when the teams have met. Liverpool fans must want the game to come quickly as AFCB always seem to kick start their season.  Yet, it is good to see that Danny Ings has made a good start at the club and that Sean O'Driscoll can meet up with his AFCB colleagues again. So the date of Tuesday 27 October will be in AFCB fan's diaries and perhaps this time it will be the time to get past the Merseysiders. Oh, and you can expect a date change if the TV companies are still not tired of another Liverpool v AFCB fixture.

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