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Preston MAD shares some Rival Lines

Rival Lines
Preston NE v AFCB
Capital One Cup
Blogger Interview: Preston NE MAD

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It's always great to find out what is happening with historic teams and you don't get much bigger than Preston North End. So ahead of the capital One fixture between Preston and AFCB I had a quick chat with Simon Ostiadal who writes on Preston North End MAD. Let's find out how strong the opposition are for this game.

CC: Last season Middlesbrough put Preston out in the second round of the Capital One Cup (sorry to remind you of that) but you got to the fifth round of the FA Cup going out to Man Utd - so Preston take cup competitions pretty seriously would you say?

PNEM: In league one a cup run meant more revenue whether league cup or FA Cup. In fine margins, with fair play, the additional revenue from cup games was a bonus. It also complemented our league form. Whilst changes will be made the match will be taken seriously.

CC: The match against Watford in the second round of the Capital One Cup was a big result as Watford played a strong side, but did you feel confident the way the team was playing before that match?

PNEM: Defensively we have been strong against the better teams being difficult to break down. It means we are always in the game and rarely take a beating. Watford couldn't break us down and we managed to hold on to an early goal lead.

CC: Strikers seem to have been in short supply by Simon Grayson has brought in Steve May and Eoin Doyle with Kevin Davies leaving, but are some of the low goal counts in matches a bit of a worry for Preston?

PNEM: Scoring has been our problem this season against championship and higher sides. We are set up not to lose meaning our goals mainly come on the counter. It hasn't helped with injuries and suspensions meaning we have had to play one up front at times. Hopefully the new boys will assist.

CC: Joe Garner is the striker that was in great form last season with 25 goals - I'm surprised that other teams did not look at him or perhaps they tried last summer. Can he do it again in the Championship? 

PNEM: Garner will find it harder simply because the defences are tougher and more streetwise. He gets frustrated too easily and whilst I think he will score goals when with a partner his tally will be a lot less than last season.

CC: Who are the wingers in the team and do they have a big impact in the way Preston play?

PNEM: We tend to play wing backs at the moment. New boys Vermijl and Cunningham play whilst the out and out wingers Humphrey and Reid only get limited game time. Unfortunately there's no Present day Tom Finney!

CC: What sort of team would you expect Simon Grayson to play against AFC Bournemouth - will he rest many for the Wolves match the following weekend?

PNEM: He will rotate but still at a strong side. September is a busy month with the league programme. The squad is fairly strong.

CC: Kris Kirkland seems to be being kept out of the side so how well is Jordan Pickford playing in goal since his signing from Sunderland - best loan signing of the summer?

PNEM:  The last few seasons we have picked up young keepers on loan - Rudd from Norwich, Johnstone from United and now Pickford. He seems strong on crosses good shot stopper and high on confidence at the moment.

CC: What do you think Preston fans expect from their team after such a big season in 2014/15 - is Championship survival enough in 2015/16 and a good cup run - perhaps Preston are finally getting the hang of play-off having won 1 in 10?

PNEM:  I think a stable season is in order and anything in mid-table to build on for the future would be ideal. There are games we should win but also many tough games in this league.

CC: Thank you for those comments Simon. Please visit Preston North End MAD for more information on how Preston North End have been doing this season. Well, Preston will be looking to bounce back from their weekend defeat at Brentford in the league, but the Cherries can make quite a few changes for this game. I don't think the Cherries will be able to ease up on this game as it would be easy for them to slip up at Deepdale.

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