Tuesday, 29 September 2015

We are about to find out what Murray's got

With AFCB's No13 stretchered off in the first 17 minutes of the match at Stoke City it fell on Glenn Murray to step in and lead the line for the Cherries. While Murray will admit that he can't play like Callum Wilson, he has a long stride and a physical presence that we will surely see a lot more of in games from now on. It is strange how AFCB fans were saying how they needed to see more of Glenn Murray and while he was not picked to start last Saturday he suddenly becomes the main focus of attention.
Now we will see what Glenn Murray is capable of.
With Callum now sidelined for up to six months, getting the best out of Glenn is the aim now. The team is not used to playing with him as the figurehead up front but this week will be mainly about finding ways of making his runs and opportunities to score a little more familiar to everyone. Routine and habit will get the understanding that needs to be built up and it is vital that AFCB concentrate on the players they have available to them at this point rather than dwell too much on what they have lost.

Whether it sees a change in style from the Cherries play will perhaps be more down to how Murray wants to be seen himself and whether he can ask Eddie Howe to help him play to his strengths. During the 80 minutes or so that Murray did get against Stoke City it was good to see that Glenn did have some shots on target. The best chance he had was from a knockdown from Distin in the last 10 minutes though and AFCB will need to create more in the box chances for him.

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