Monday, 28 September 2015

Don't underestimate Gosling's scoring abilities

AFCB need goals from all over the pitch and probably even more so now that they have lost Callum Wilson to injury. The team has been getting most of its goals from Wilson and from the wings, but Dan Gosling chipped in with the first central midfield goal of the season up at Stoke and it would be rather helpful if he could get on one of his scoring runs now to lift some of the burden off of the strikers who will have to try and make up for Callum's absence.
Dan Gosling continued his strong form at Stoke.
Dan has not found it easy to win a place in this side and he finally might be feeling that he is really making a big contribution now. His goal at Stoke City ended up being a consolation goal but at the time it was well taken and demonstrated his calmness in the box when presented with a shooting chance. Beating Jack Butland is no simple task and that Gosling found the corner showed his great execution.

There was a bit of a tendency for players to overplay a little in and around the box in the last game. Lee Tomlin was probably the chief culprit and I think it would do him wonders to get on the score sheet and not feel that he has to pass when he has a good clear shot at goal himself. That is what Gosling did and I am sure he will grow from that goal and will look to keep having some shots. Others need to be brave enough to have a go as well.

I don't think we have seen the best from AFCB's midfield yet. They need to make it harder for teams when they are in creative positions and while the team is getting their shot count up it is not as high as it might be if the players just had the thought of shooting more often when they found themselves in space and in a good position to shoot.

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  1. Cometh the hour cometh the man....we have a striking where is rantie. ...either give him a chance or ship him out.....what is the point of having him and not playing him