Sunday, 8 November 2015

A new investor for the Cherries

There are reports headed by SkySports that AFCB is going to see a change in its investor set up on Monday as Maxim Demin sells 25 per cent of his share in the football club to US-based Peak6, led by Matt Hulsizer. It guarantees Maxim Demin a good return on his earlier investment in the club and perhaps opens up the possibility of more investment in the club come the January window when the transfer market is opened up again.

While Maxim Demin has not sought a high public profile for his role at the club he has been a central figure in the Cherries rise to the Premier League. His close relationship with Eddie Howe will now have another voice added to some of the big decisions, but  hopefully Eddie Howe feels comfortable about the change and has more funds available to help put right some of the problems that he has on the field.
AFCB are likely to see new investors next week.
The injury saga that has hit the club certainly needs big funds to rectify and it is likely that the next transfer window could see the record transfer for the club of £8 million completely shattered if AFCB want to do all they can financially to try and stay in the top-tier of English football. The American link is surely important for the growth of the club's name across the Atlantic as well where it was well received in the summer with its training camp in Philadelphia. The long term aspects of the potential deal seem favourable to putting the club on a different level and it probably puts the development of the stadium higher up the agenda if the club wants to do that this coming summer.

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  1. I think this is a potential disaster in the needs to be clear as to why Mr Denim is looking to sell 25% shareholding and will additional transfer funds be made available to the manager....

    Will there be additional representation to the board...what happens to Mr Mostyn and what will happen to the relationship between Howe and Demin.....two is company and three gices mixed messages...if it wasn't bad enough we have played all the bottom teams at home...and only one relegation will lead to a mass exodus and I cant see King and Tomlin shooting us back to the Premiership any time soon.....

    I feel sorry for him and give him a chance.....or sell for Murray..the onyl forward who can put the ball in net...seems to be blackballed...4.5m down the drain....what is happening