Thursday, 19 November 2015

Howe is likely to be tested on Ritchie come January

The metal of Eddie Howe and AFCB is likely to be tested come January whether the club is in the bottom three or not. The watchful eyes of Man Utd and West Ham on Matt Ritchie are a distraction that only serve to show that AFCB have some talented players that can survive at this level and prosper. Like all of us though Eddie wants his players to do well in an AFCB shirt and if the players can start to gain points in the Premier League there may be no need to worry about Jeff Mostyn's comments that a spending-spree is not just around the corner despite the new investment from Peak6.

All promoted clubs have difficulties in staying up and on keeping their players. While the Premier League is driven by money it is always going to be the Man Utd's of this world that can come and swoop on the talent that they rather fancy that comes into their view. It is not something you might welcome or can really fight against so Eddie Howe can only assure fans that it is not his intention to invite interest in one of his star players. 

Eddie is already talking hard on keeping Matt Ritchie. 
What the thoughts are of Neill Blake, Eddie, Jason, Jeff and Maxim are on possible targets in January in terms of signings we will just have to wait and see. Contingency plans though have to be prepared if Eddie is not able to keep players that he would rather not lose and it is hard to know the true value of players until the offer is actually on the table. There will be lots of decisions to make though in just over a months time as to what is needed in terms of the squad and what is the right way of giving the club the best chance of gaining the points it needs in the remainder of the season. If AFCB need strikers, they could be offered them as part of a deal by a big club and yet Eddie Howe is clearly not keen on dangling a carrot like Matt Ritchie in front of teams that show an interest. The poker game has already started and as fans we just have to watch the various cards get played.

What is clear is that AFCB could do with a stronger hand at present and January offers an opportunity to change a few cards.

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