Monday, 9 November 2015

A really bad game to lose

There is no hiding from it, AFCB are in a bad place when it comes to the table and getting out of that position is not going to be easy. The timing of the defeat for Newcastle could not come at a more difficult time with an international break now upon us. It means there will be two weeks to look at that table and know that they are better than the side they just lost to, and yet they can do nothing about it for the moment.
The Cherries have some uncomfortable viewing when they look at the table now. 
The few days for the players are going to be difficult ones as Eddie Howe will want to find some answers to the current problems that are many. There will be some anger at what has happened and conversations are already probably heated at times, but the Cherries must not lose sight of the goal which is to improve.

Newcastle now sit above the Cherries and will be keen to keep things that way, but there are many games to go and it is vital that the team sees games like Swansea away and Everton at home as games they can win. For some teams the position of being in the bottom three can energise them to better things, and that is what I hope happens at Dean Court as the team has not lost heart or played without passion, it simply has not managed to execute game plans well enough to get victories.

Annoyingly, Newcastle's first away win since January is only likely to boost their belief and so the defeat for AFCB is like a double punishment. But they need to pick themselves up with a result in the next few games to give themselves back some of the points that have slipped away. UTCIAD!

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