Wednesday, 25 November 2015

There's more positivity now about the Cherries

Stuff the Premier League table! It does not look that fantastic at the moment unless you are a Leicester fan. But let's forget about the placings and concentrate on how the Cherries are playing. There is a difference if your team is in the bottom three and not playing well, and a team that has found themselves in that position and yet is playing like a mid-table side. It has taken longer than us fans might have wanted for the Cherries to find their feet at this level, but the signs are that the team can do well in the Premier League now and games are being looked forward to again rather than wondering if the team is going to be able to compete.
AFCB need to start getting points out of tight games.
It may not seem like a big step that has been taken as the Cherries are still only on nine points. Still the confidence that the players will have taken from the matches against Newcastle and Swansea stand them in good stead now. Those two teams might not have an abundance of points either, but they both found AFCB's game very difficult to handle and in the long run they will know that such teams are likely to be picking up points and putting pressure on them as the season progresses. It is surprising how much players subconsciously are affected by past games and that can have a positive or negative influence on upcoming matches. It is not just about the points at this stage.

Still AFCB need to start getting points. Eddie Howe knows that and while the big named teams are lining themselves up for getting in the top four, it is going to be hard to gather points off of some of these sides. Yet the confidence has gradually been building up and there has to be a sense that a good win is just around the corner now. Those players that have come into the side have started to find an understanding and when other players come back there is going to be a bigger pool of players to pick from. AFCB need to take this positivity now into the next few games, starting with Everton.

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