Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Gosling is now the lead midfield orchestrator

The improvement in Dan Golsing's play has been stratospheric. He has not only raised his game but is driving on others around him and his last performance against Swansea was just outstanding. I can't see the five-man midfield being changed for some time now as Dan simply has to be involved. Arter and Surman likely to add further momentum to the Cherries' central midfield area as well as the trio get to play more games together. It is Dan though that has surprised me and he is starting to lead events now.
Dan has certainly been a big plus in central midfield this season.
 In fact, I think he should be the first name on the sheet at the moment. 
Breaking forward from midfield has always been a strong part of Gosling's game even from his early Plymouth days. We did not see a great deal of it in the Championship, even if he did show his quality in the Capital One Cup. It does not seem right that the Premier League can be more suitable for some players than others, but in Dan's case he looks so much more at ease playing against the best teams. He is helping others too as his hard chasing and running into the box is enabling Surman to pick his passes, while Arter has more time to think about where he can position himself in space. I don't think that the three have quite got their game intertwined as well as they would want quite yet, but it is being worked on and the team look stronger with the three of them in the middle of the park.

Dan's shooting has been a bit hit and miss, but against Swansea he calmly hit the spot with quite an exquisite strike from Ritchie's long-delayed layoff. It was good to see Dan make a late run into the box and Ritchie was very good at not releasing the ball until he felt he could make the right pass. It is clear that Dan wants to get on the scoresheet more often now and other players are starting to look for him entering the attacking third of the pitch. If he keeps striking the ball as crisply as he did though in his last outing, a truly sumptuous strike, I'll be expecting a few more goals to come his way.

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