Monday, 23 November 2015

Stanislas and King partnership is refreshingly good

Kris Temple of BBC Radio Solent was right to herald the exciting and expansive play of Junior Stanislas and Josh King in his post match Swansea interview with Eddie Howe. AFCB fans would not have picked these two players as likely starters back in August, but they have grown into their roles and now look like being permanent fixtures in the team as it redefines its identity.
Josh has his goal and can now start looking to get some more.
The forward part of the Cherries game is always one that has excited the fans since Eddie Howe's time at the club. It was frustrating to see that element look so poor against Southampton and Spurs. It was starting to look ineffectual with Glenn Murray not being on the same wavelength as some of the other team members and yet you could not see anyone but Glenn or Matt Ritchie scoring. Now we can see Junior Stanislas coming in off the wing and finding Josh King. The two of them are fluent and fast in possession and the Cherries suddenly have more vision and options in front of goal that is creating opportunities for others like Gosling as well.
Junior has been teriffic on the left and is now an
important part of the Cherries new attacking line up.
It was the away from that had given me more concern as I could not see how the team would find the movement in required from the players that were left in the squad, but Junior Stanislas has added the terror element to his game that Max Gradel has when he goes at goal, and Josh is now unafraid of taking aim and hitting the target. Don't be surprised if we see Josh and Junior getting more plaudits, because they are looking the part at the moment.

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