Tuesday, 17 November 2015

High energy is not enough

I could not applaud the work effort of Matt Ritchie any harder than I could clap him for his work against Newcastle Utd. Even when he's not banging in goals, he is working so hard for the team that he is a marvel to watch Matt has worked very hard to get to this level, and he has been the class player for AFCB so far this season along with Wilson. He is not the only one who works hard for the team, but AFCB need to bring more quality out of their players if they are to get back above the relegation line.

Matt Ritchie has been the quality player on the field for the Cherries
this season but we need others to step up their shooting accuracy.
We can always get behind the team and cheer them on to encourage them. But there comes a point when they also need to show some quality on the pitch and the endeavour that is evident has to have an end product. Matt Ritchie can run his socks off for 90 minutes and be a wonderful player, but he needs others to do more as well. If the team's most creative player is running himself into the ground we want to see others adding some quality in front of goal. Most of the shooting is not controlled or targeted to work the keeper and it is costing points now. That will have been worked on in these last few days and it will hopefully be a different outcome in Swansea.

At the back we can see that Sylvain Distin is putting himself about wand winning most headers. Daniels is trying to bomb forward as often as he can and Francis is keen to prove himself at centre back. But the team is missing some precision. It has a good heart beat, but no killer instinct at the moment and that lack of ruthless finishing is what the Cherries will be marked on rather than how hard they are all running and the effort they are all putting in. We want to applaud the players and will do no matter what in every match, but they have to find some quality if they want to stay in this league.

Newcastle were a poor side but the Cherries never really looked like tearing them apart. Against better teams they will have to be even more precise in their play, but have they got it in them? Swansea will be the test.

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