Monday, 23 November 2015

AFCB can't keep expecting decisions to go for them

The match against Swansea should not leave a bad memory in Eddie Howe or Simon Francis' minds. The penalty decision was not one they agreed with but there have been  many decisions that have not fallen AFCB's way this season, and I think it is best that the team just comes away from thinking about referees and let them do their job. We know the refereeing standard is poor and that they frequently get things wrong, but dwelling on those errors just brings the mood in camp down, and if AFCB concentrate on the many good aspects of the game that we saw at Swansea I am sure that in future games some decisions might finally start going their way, because the players will be playing positively on the pitch. 
AFCB should not expect any favours from the men in black.
The timing of Swansea's first and second goals were very good for them. They were not really coping with the Cherries' attacking football and there could not have been too much argument about the Cherries finding themselves 2-0 up. When you get matches like this though with two teams that were down on their luck, it is not surprising that the players are yelling for every decision and the officials feel every pressured into making quick decisions. 

When the first Swansea goal went in it was obvious that Harry Arter was far from happy and he and another player were asking the assistant referee how he had not managed to put his flag up. Even at half time it was Harry that came out with referee Andre Mariner all the way to the centre spot, and I don't expect he was talking about the price of coming across the Severn Bridge. 

Simon Francis was publicly more despondent about the penalty decision. He remonstrated with the referee on the pitch and was adamant that it was Ayew's own fault that he tapped Francis' leg rather than the defender making the foul on the striker. I'd argue if I was a Swansea fan that the defender should be careful not to make contact when Andre Ayew was in full flight in the box. Francis could have angled his run differently and if he had gone in shoulder to shoulder there would have been a better chance of him not catching Ayew's legs. Deliberate or not, if a striker goes down having made contact there is going to be a decision to make. It did not favour AFCB and the team simply has to move on with it. 

I was glad to see that the second half still saw AFCB going forward and trying to get further goals, but there was a feeling of Eddie Howe and Simon Francis getting hung up on the penalty decision after the game. Sadly, some things just don't go for you. I don't think fans can expect referee's to be sympathetic to whether there was enough intent or if it was accidental - it's a gut feeling and he either gives the decision or doesn't. My feeling at the time was that it was a penalty.

I wonder what All Departments thought of the penalty decision? To find out and listen to a review of the Swansea match get over to the All Departments' podcast. I think shirt expert Gareth Davies has a different view on the penalty.

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