Tuesday, 16 February 2016

AFCB's confidence at home is too fragile

The mood at the game on Saturday against Stoke City was tentative and slightly anxious and I'm not sure why. AFCB have not had much success at home this season and I don't believe that the players are always helped by the crowd not being well enough in unison in their singing. It may seem daft, but I think it has a big effect on the players and it is a big help to them when the fans can sing with real fighting spirit as it gets players up for the game.

Now more than ever AFCB need that passion and support, especially when they are playing at home. It may not be crucial whether AFCB progress further in the FA Cup in terms of their efforts to stay up in the Premier League, but to go out of the cup at this stage could have a negative effect on the squad. However, a win against Everton would boost confidence and set the record straight at Dean Court where the results have in Eddie Howe's on words been "poor".
AFCB need to be in a mindset to win games as soon as they step on the pitch at Dean Court.
Looking back at the Stoke game, Eddie Howe said that: "I though we started well. Got hit with a superb strike from their perspective, very early and that seemed to knock our confidence levels. We weren't really the same after that moment.

"I just think we need to get the points that we need. It does not matter where they come," said Eddie Howe. "You want to win at home. You want to win in front of your home supporters, it's really important and our home form hasn't been good enough this year, but I think we have been unfortunate in certain games in that we haven't got more than we should have done."

It should not be that the team finds it hard to play well at Dean Court. Everything is in their advantage there and the team has to start believing that it is an extra plus point when they come out to play games at the Vitality stadium. AFCB have won 13 points at home this season as against 15 on the road. It is a stat that suggests that AFCB like having their backs against the wall and being the underdog. That works away from home for sure when they go to big stadiums, but if they start slowly at home the pressure just mounts on the team as we have seen.

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