Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Juan Iturbe will cause problems for teams

Our little maestro Juan Iturbe is already written into folklore at Dean Court with his own song coming out so quickly. He his a player that the fans can easily get excited about and at the same time wonder if he is going to do something that will cost the team. It was pleasing though to see him start to play with the panache and trickery against Everton that will endear him to even more fans.
Juan Iturbe with Ramario Funes Mori last weekend.
Juan Iturbe might not start many games this season and I can't blame Eddie Howe for holding him back a little and testing his feet in cup games  before the crucial Premier League run in. Juan is a flare player that needs to be playing in a confident side I feel to get the best out of him and I'd like to see him being played mainly when the side are in a good run. That only comes with getting wins though and while his individual skills may get him the odd goal or two, it is asking a lot to see him score wonder goals every week.

Matt Ritchie has added graft and energy to his performances and he is most likely to get the nod to start ahead of Juan in most games. But I see that Juan is an option now that Eddie can use in tight matches where the side need something extra to win the game. The attention that Juan received in the game against Everton was testament to the fact that Juan is acclimatising to the English game and his skill at beating two or three players is going to be a big asset when he is on the pitch. If he can also find the finish as well then Eddie has one heck of a player on his hands, but we have not see that yet in the first team games.

I'd like to think that Eddie has a plan for picking games now when Juan will be best used and games where he thinks he knows there will be no place for him. The more we get to know of Juan though, the more I see a player who very much wants to succeed and if he manages to do that at AFCB it will be one of Eddie Howe's best achievements this season.

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  1. For me I think he needs to play through the middle.....