Thursday, 18 February 2016

Eunan O'Kane can put his Everton days behind him

Eunan O'Kane was no doubt hoping that one day he would run out at Goodison as a fully-fledged first team player. His time on Merseyside during the David Moyes years was not all joyous though at the academy and he left in 2009 to join Torquay Utd before being spotted by the Cherries three years later. Eunan has not had too many opportunities in the Premier League but the Cup games have been something for him to look forward to and I'd not be surprised if he puts in a big performance against Everton this weekend. 

Can Eunan play well enough to take the team into the fifth round?
The talented Irish midfielder is a very intelligent player that has been unfortunate to find himself only making 16 appearances for the Cherries so far this season. Half of those appearances have also been as a sub and Eunan has not really had a strong run of games to get his form up. The Norwich away game was perhaps his most disappointing game and he has struggled to get back into the side since. His trademark is his dribbling runs and his scampering running style that usually end with a shot at goal. When he is playing well he can be a real handful for defences and he does like scoring on the big occasions.

To play against Everton is something that would surely mean a lot to Eunan. He was on the bench for the home game this season against the Toffees but he never got on the pitch. As long as Eddie picks a consistent FA Cup side though he will be involved in one of the biggest FA Cup games in AFCB's history and he can settle a fact or two by getting on the score sheet and telling Everton fans that he is a Premier League player now.

Along with Shaun MacDonald, Eunan O'Kane has reason to want more from this season than just a few Premier League appearances and the FA Cup gives these players a dream that can be realised. While Everton are a top team, they are not unbeatable and Eunan O'Kane among others can make a name for himself if he can find some more magic like he did against Wigan back in 2013.

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