Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Should Distin celebrate if he scores against Everton?

Sylvain Distin has made 15 appearances this season for the Cherries. It is probably more games than even he expected to play, but when defensive cover was needed he was able to put a good partnership together with Steve Cook, before Simon Francis came back into the side. Now he has had the good fortune to see AFCB drawn in the FA Cup to two of his former sides, Portsmouth at first and now Everton. I wonder if Sylvain has been drawing AFCB's cup fixtures out of the hat himself this season!

Sylvain would surely love to get his first goal for AFCB this
weekend, but he'll probably feel embarrassed if he scores.
It is fitting that Sylvain should come back into the side to face Everton at Dean Court this Saturday. We might have to get him revved up a bit against his old team, but I have no doubt that he will be in no mood to let his Merseyside friendship with Evertonians let the Toffees get the upper hand in this game. He is still a defender of great quality and who better than Everton to play against and help to build a clean sheet against? He wouldn't want it any other way.

Of course we are still waiting for Sylvain to get his first goal for the Cherries as well. What an FA Cup story that would be. We know the cup has a habit of producing such stories. While Sylvain will have the utmost respect for his former team-mates, I would be very interested to see what kind of celebration he would give if he did score. It would be hard for him as his first Cherries goal would be a special moment, but to do it against Everton would be a cause of pain for him at the same time.  

The big man has every reason though for leading this AFCB side further than most Bournemouth sides get in the cup. I can think of no better place for him to end his career than with a Wembley appearance. That would not only be a great place for Distin to bow out but AFCB fans would love a trip to one of the few stadiums they have not had a chance to visit in recent seasons.

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