Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Marc Pugh can shoot with either foot Mr Dann!

You've got to love Marc Pugh. He is the player that just about anyone of us could feel like we would play like if we ever got the chance to wear an AFCB shirt on the pitch - a genuine down to earth kind of guy. He always puts in 100 per cent and how sweet is it when everything goes really well for him? That was the case against Crystal Palace. Their fans had probably never heard of him before but I tell you, they know who he is now. 
Pugh in the line up for shooting practise before the game.
The moment when Marc Pugh scored was absolutely critical in this game. If Palace had gone two up, you could have seen it being another bad outing for the pink shirts. Much of the reason why that did not happen though was because of what Marc Pugh did in the 34th minute. Scott Dann must have thought he was in a good position to defend this left winger who had moved just inside the box. While Pugh received the ball like a hot potato, he quickly swivelled to his left and then he right as he looked to make room for a shot. Dann was certainly expecting Pugh to use his left foot I expect, but this time Marc was happy to go with his right and to use Dann's presence as a good shield, so that Hennessey could not see when he was about to shoot. Seeing the ball race away and into the corner, there was no holding back Pugh who launched into a wild celebration.

"It was a great goal for Marc, " Said Eddie Howe. "We needed it at a time when we hadn't given them really too many problems defensively. Great pass from Charlie Daniels , he took it really well and checked and finished it off really well - we've seen him do it many times down the years and it was great to see that one go in."

That is now Marc's fourth goal of the season and Scott Dann is now fully aware that Pugh can use his right foot as well as his left. The goal gave the Cherries that belief that they were well in the game and having withstood some great pressure early on it was good to see them playing with real passion and grit. It meant a lot for Pugh to score and that's what you want to see. 

"Marc Pugh - he's to good for you!" UTCIAD!


  1. Pugh left footed? i always thought he was a right footed winger on the left mirrored by Ritchie being left footed on the right?

  2. He's right footed