Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The Cherries have to reagin their fluency

That fluent, flowing football that Eddie Howe's teams are renowned for spluttered rather than purred against Stoke City at the weekend. It was a real pity as the side had been fighting its corner well since December and picking up points often enough to move away from the bottom three. It is important now that the Cherries use those four points that they have in hand to feel that they can extend the gap further, knowing that every point they get is making it more difficult for those chasing with games running out.
AFCB are in this together.
Football is a difficult game when too much thought is perhaps put into the way the side plays. "Usually we are up and at them and fluent with everyone on the same page," said Eddie Howe. It couldn't be more simple could it? So why did we see Simon Francis start hitting balls too hard, Harry Arter waving his arms in frustration and Junior Stanislas giving the ball away on a short five yard pass? Lack of concentration? Wrong mind thought? Nervousness of doing the wrong thing? 

Not even Eddie Howe could put his finger on it, but the team as a whole were out of step with each other which was the worrying thing for me. It wasn't any one individual not performing to their ability, it was more about the players not being on the same page. Usually the decisions are made quickly and the team gets at the opposition with speed and power, but all we saw was a confused picture with players questioning the decisions that others were making.

It was one of those days when things just didn't feel right. There is no time though for the players to revisit the nervous hiccups that they had early on in the season when they played Spurs at Dean Court. The run-in is upon us and they must stand up and play with real endeavour now if they are to battle through and it will be a battle. If AFCB did not know before last Saturday's game, then they know now that they must fight to stay in this league and with that the fluency should come. There's work still to be done.

Transfer News
Ben Whitfield extends his youth loan to Kidderminster Harriers until the end of the season.

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  1. Sign Tim Cahill now !!! Even to end of season, it's what we need from midfield!