Monday, 14 March 2016

Another great day for AFCB

While AFCB fans can look happily at the Premier League table it has taken an awful lot of hard work from the team and staff to get where they now are now. Some of you, I am sure, never had any doubts what this season would bring, while a great number have probably been shocked by just how well Eddie Howe's team has taken to the division. But when the players celebrated their recent 3-2 home win against Swansea City there was a distinct realisation that this win was worth celebrating with clenched fists and big grins as the Cherries are now well established in mid-table on 38 points.

The games are running out perhaps sooner than some of us might wish. The Cherries will be looking to finish the season strongly from here, but whatever happens in those remaining games we can certainly say that the town has a team that it can be highly proud of. Not only has it recovered from having huge injury setbacks and some harsh lessons in the early part of the season, but it has emerged as an equal to many of the sides in the Premier League and even better than a good many too, and Eddie Howe has done it by keeping to his football passing principles.
Eunan O'Kane played his part in another great win for the Cherries.
You kind of felt that this was going to be a big day with the club already having announced its plans for the stadium expansion over the summer. The club is already looking to the future. Yet, there is still work to do Eddie Howe insists and I'm in agreement that we don't want to see the season fade away with any lacklustre performances now that the Cherries are in this situation. For the moment though the fans can rest easy and look forward to those games. The win against Swansea has taken the Cherries on another 19 points from what they had on Boxing Day in the first half of the season, which already shows what a strong second half of the season they have had up to now.

The win against Swansea did not come easy. In some ways that is also quite pleasing as it is a game that AFCB probably would not have won earlier in the season. Different players have been able to come into the side and fill places when others have got injured and I think a special mention should be made for Eunan O'Kane who had not played a lot of football of late, but was able to cover for Dan Gosling once he had come off. It is that kind of desire to do well that has stood the Cherries in such good stead.

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