Saturday, 19 March 2016

Callum is back in full training!

It has been a long wait to hear that Callum Wilson is back in full training, but he tweeted this morning that he has trained this week with the first team and that can only be a big boost to morale at the club as Callum joins Max Gardel back off the injury list. I suspect it will be too soon for him to take part in the game at Spurs, but there must now be a possibility of him coming back for the next home game even if it is only to be starting from the bench.
Callum is inching back towards the squad.
The pleasing thing is that Callum is fit and wants to play. Whether Eddie Howe wants to play him yet though is another matter. I can't think of a better lift though to give the club as they head into some tough games at the end of this season. Callum will still want to get back on the pitch as he is a goalscorer and he'll want to be known as the top scorer at the club. If he manages to do that having played so few games it will really underline what a talent he is.

Of course, it is important that Callum does not do too much too soon. We have seen that Max Gradel has come back and lit up the stands with his exciting football and I was expecting him to drop off again in form after the initial return, but he and the staff have judged his return well. Let's hope that get Callum Wilson's return right as well. 

My guess was that the Aston Villa away game would be the best bet for Callum's return but to see him just on the bench in one of the next two games would be amazing. The other strikers know that he is there now and eager to get back on the pitch which should raise the sharpness of the other forwards. AFCB look like they could have a very strong finish to this season with more fire power not far from returning now.

Other news
Both AFCB U21 players Brandon Goodship and Harry Cornick start for Yeovil today against Cambridge Utd.

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