Monday, 28 March 2016

The Cherries should be proud about what they have achieved

While it has been a week of reflection on one poor result, there is no doubt that the Cherries should be pretty chuffed with what they have done in the Premier League. If you need a comparison of how hard it would be for the club to stay I this league then look no further than the road that Burnley have taken in dropping back to the Championship and having to rebuild. They are obviously a good team that did not quite have the quality to stay up last season and yet, some would say they are historically a club that would have been seen as more likely to have survived in the top tier than AFCB who had never reached that level before this season.
A great season for the Cherries can still get even better.
Those at the foot of the Premier League have far more stressful weeks ahead of them than the fans of AFCB. Put yourself in the shoes of any of those teams and every game now must seem like a heat attack waiting to happen if you can't see where a win is coming from and the other teams' results are just as important as your own teams. 

It is a mark of how far the seasiders have come in that we are all disappointed by the game against Spurs. Usually there are plenty of instances during a match where the Cherries will threaten the opponents goal and yet the gulf between the two teams last weekend made it very difficult for the Cherries to play in their normal way. In effect, Pochettino's side dictated how things would be and it was impressive how his team never let up in its desire to get to the ball first.

There is every possibility that the games against the next few teams will be equally tough, but the Cherries have to look at how well they have done in picking up points and matching the 19 points they won in the first half of the season already with several matches to go. They do not want to look too harshly at themselves as it has been a great season and many of the players who we might not have expected to play such a big part in the side have acquitted themselves extremely well.

It could be the end of the road for a few that have been with the club on its rise through the leagues over the last few years as the desire for the club to get closer to the likes of Spurs are going to need many further changes and progression. But that is where the club is aiming to be and it is because the of the players at the club at the moment that AFCB are able to be able to look to have a future like that. 

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