Sunday, 27 March 2016

Do internationals make it harder for AFCB these days?

With eight players originally called up for international out of AFCB's squad it was quite a big chunk of the side that was not going to be going to the Dubai training camp. With Harry Arter and Josh King pulling out though that number has come down, even if it means the players are on the treatment table rather than joining their teammates. It is arguable that the international breaks are becoming more of a disruption though as the team does better.
Keeping the core squad together during the international breaks is much harder now.
I love to see England play well and while there are no AFCB players in that squad yet, there are plenty of other Cherries international players that are involved for their countries in this period and they will in some cases have long flights. I do wonder if Eddie Howe keeps a close tab on the individual matches, not only from the important point of player form and injuries, but just the manner of the games and how incidents during a game might have annoyed one of our players. Eddie will want everyone to come back enthusiastic and ready to go again and not to have any negative baggage so these international breaks are really important and more of AFCB's players are getting involved in them now.

For those who have been in Dubai it is probably a great time to work with a slightly smaller group and thrash out a routines and strengthen the team bonds. But there is also going to be an interest in how the players who have been called up for their countries are getting on. I would expect the text messaging to be pretty strong during any of the rest times and it is important for those that are not at the AFCB training camp to know they are still involved in things and aware of how their teammates are feeling and what they are experiencing.

It is Eddie Howe and his coaching staff that probably has more problems in having to keep checking up on everyone and providing routines especially for those players he does have under his finger in the training ground. Eddie will have enjoyed coming up with some special sessions for this trip, knowing that it is a chance to do something different and to really work with players on things that he has not normally got so much time to practise.

So while I'd say the international breaks bring their own problems, AFCB can still use them to their advantage. Hopefully some of the younger members of the club have also been able to use more of the training facilities at Dean Court as well while the main team has been away.

Happy Easter!

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