Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Eddie Howe can take AFCB into Europe

There have been many chairman who will look towards what has been happening down on the south coast and will be envious of just what Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall have achieved. The latest view of Darren Anderton proclaiming that there is every chance that Eddie could be poached is a view that I don't necessarily share though.
If Eddie wants a project there is still plenty to do at
AFCB and he has control of what he can achieve.
We saw an article by Sam Wallace at the Telegraph last week that Eddie must choose his next job carefully, as if AFCB was just a stepping stone for greater things for the Cherries' man. Danny Murphy on TalkSport was next to say give the Chelsea job to Eddie. There are those who think that just by picking out a successful manager and installing him at another club that everything will work out fine. But there are several reasons why Eddie Howe has been so successful at managing a wining team in the sunny retreat of Bournemouth and why the fit is so very good. Moving clubs now or in the next few years would simply be a risk for Eddie Howe and it's a risk he does not need to take.

The Cherries are going to be a bigger club than they are now in the coming years and the ambition of Eddie Howe and the owners are perhaps bigger than many looking from the outside could possibly imagine. The south coast club will have the finances to challenge in the top half of the Premier League very soon and I am not sure that those holding their pens in the national press have really recognised that yet. There is ambition at this club to do even better next season and the prospect of European football is high on the agenda with Eddie Howe leading the Cherries there.

At Bournemouth Eddie Howe has all that he needs. He has an owner who has backed him financially to help him achieve his aims and take AFCB to the Premier League where he wants to manage in the surroundings that he knows and likes so well at Bournemouth. He has a team around him that he trusts in with Peak 6, Maxim Demin, Neil Blake and Jeff Mostyn supporting him and the club is still building its infrastructure not only in new stands and training facilities, but in its youth and U21 squads that are also being taught the Eddie Howe way.

To have such control and say in how a club needs to be run is something that Howe would find almost impossible to have if he tried to walk through the doors at clubs like Chelsea, Everton or Arsenal for example. Such clubs may be seen as much bigger jobs and yet we have seen that the big clubs don't own the top four places in the Premier League this season. What Leicester have achieved is incredible, but there are ambitions for the Cherries to do something similar, once they have established themselves at this level.

Eddie Howe has left once and while he does not regret that with every experience being something he can draw from, the progress that he is making at pushing AFCB up the league now to 13th place makes it very hard for him to see any reason to move anywhere when he is enjoying his time so much at AFCB.

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