Thursday, 24 March 2016

The heat is on for those Cherries in Dubai

With quite a few players being on international duty it must be quite a select group that have managed to get on the plane to Dubai. But with Harry Arter missing out on teaming up with Republic of Ireland and Josh King pulling out of Norway's squad a few of our players may just be resting up at home in the next few days.
Time to recover and find some more fitness for the last few games. 
I should think a bit of sun will be good for those that make the trip to Dubai. Callum Wilson will be a major beneficiary to top off his recovery in warmer climates while the defeat at Spurs will hopefully seem like a long time ago by the time they come back. When they have some different surroundings to take, I am sure that the Cherries will be worked hard. I have not heard of any local teams that they are playing but they'll probably have some teams lined up like Newcastle Utd did when they went over there earlier this year.

It might have been better if our fans had not known that the trip was coming up before that performance at Tottenham, but you do wonder why the whole team under performed on the day - minds elsewhere? How beneficial a squad camp is though out in the sun is only going to be seen when the team comes back and they will certainly want to show something better against Man City in the next home game.

Whether the memories of the good training camp last season has a positive effect for the run in this season is probably something that the club has considered, but the games still have to be played when they come back. It is a chance to re-focus, get rid of some injury niggles and give one last push to gather a few more points. 

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