Thursday, 17 March 2016

King is now backing up performances with goals

Every week the praise for Josh King just seems to get bigger and bigger and it is because he deserves it. I said several months ago that he was the player that is going to be able to say, I have improved the most of any player at the club and being such a young player it is encouraging to know that he is likely to get better still.
Josh is becoming an early name on the team sheet these days.
It is not only the speed and hold up play that has been pleasing to see from Josh. it is the intelligence of his runs as well as the finishing power that is now coming as he gets more and more confident in front of goal. He is now hitting shots with real venom and as Eddie Howe has said, he knows where the goal is. Indeed, Josh could well end up as the Cherries' leading scorer this season which would be very satisfying for him as he probably did not expect to have such a big season.

Josh has admitted that this is probably the best season he has had. It is not just because he is playing the Premier League but because he is playing one game after another and even when he has had to miss out a few games it has never been for a long spell. He must be confident now that he is seen as an essential part of the team and other players are keen to get him on the ball whenever they can.

The goals though are what he needed to add to his game. All strikers need to score regularly says Eddie Howe and there is probably no easy way to guarantee that you'll put away chances when they come but when players get on a run they do tend to feel that they can't miss. Josh is in the zone and so he could well be the man that has the strong end to the season.

While Josh is expected to be called up for Norway's international friendlies against Estonia and Finland, Charlie Daniels and Simon Francis missed out on any call up for Roy Hodgson's England side for the friendlies against Holland and The Netherlands.

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