Friday, 20 May 2016

How much of a fighter is Tommy Elphick?

We have seen Tommy Elphick manage to win his place back in the side when Adam Smith found himself injured with a few games of the 2015-16 season to go. He’ll have been pleased to have achieved that, but what happens next season when Adam Smith is fully fit and Simon Francis is battling for the position at centre-half?

Tommy is not so naive as not to understand that Eddie Howe picks his side on performance and not by reputation or name. While Tommy is the captain he has a job to do first and foremost and that is to win his shirt so that he gets a place in the side. There is talk of the centre-back position being strengthened is well over the summer and that would put more pressure not only on Tommy but also Simon Francis, Steve Cook and potentially Baily Cargill.
Tommy's position does not look safe for 2016-17.
That is great news as far as I am concerned as the strength of the side is not the back line. How much they can improve in the second season in the Premier League is not easy to answer, but the defeats to the very top sides will give Eddie Howe some thinking to do. Among the question she’ll have to grapple with is will Tommy Elphick play enough games to be the best player to captain the side.

In short, Tommy needs not only to have a good pre-season. He needs to start the next season with a run of games that reassert him and his role in the side. I know Tommy is a fighter and he will be prepared for the examination. It s that kind of belief in his own ability that has got him to where he is now. Like a few others he will feel that he didn’t get a fair crack at running out as often as he should have last season, and that is just a bonus for AFCB as far as I can see. He still has something to prove and the eager the side is in its need to do well the better chance they have at surviving a second season. But his contract is up next year. 

Meanwhile, talking of contracts - Steve Cook has signed a new three-year deal which indicates that Eddie is pleased with what Steve has done in this last campaign.  

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  1. Is it coincidence that AFC started leaking goals when Elphick came back into the side...maybe the strength of the teams we played..but the defence has to be strengthened mention made of Mings...he must come into the equation when fit...but the defenders who are bought and that must be the priority must be first pick choices and not simply to add to the squad which is what most acquisitions have been last year.

    It must not be allowed that these acquisitions are given cameo roles for cup games....Iturbe,Murray,Tomlin etc etc and acquisitions should not be an Eddie old boy contact...Gradel,Stanislaus,etc

    I would sell Wilson get 20m and give Afobe the shirt and a swap with Spurs and cash...

    As for midfield we need some more creativity...and let some of the squad members go..MacDonald,O Kane etc..let some youngsters in

    1. You don't like the "Eddie old boy contacts"? I notice you don't mention Andrew Surman, and Brett Pitman's return in 2012 was the main reason we went up that season.
      One player I would not mind seeing return is Sam Vokes, in particular if we start needing to field academy graduates in the squad.

      As for the rest, in Ed I trust.

  2. I agree the squad needs a minor overhaul. Some are not up to premier league standard, but who can we attract that will not just improve squad but the starting eleven? Eddie won't want to upset the harmony of the squad but some tough decisions do need to be made. After the Swansea game we were hugely disappointing, why? Only Eddie knows. Another tough season coming but Let's just enjoy the ride!