Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Old Trafford round two

It won't be easy for the players or the fans to play the rescheduled match between Man Utd v AFCB but the game must be played to complete this season's fixtures. It is sad that the game could not have been played last Saturday, but when you are dealing with a potential bomb and 75,000 people there was only one logical outcome.

Getting up for the game is going to be hard for players and fans. While there is a lot riding on the game in terms of final positions it is unlikely that Man Utd will make the top four considering the goal difference that Man City have over them in fourth. It is in some ways a meaningless fixture even if there are Europa league places to be decided and final position placings with payments to be earned. At the end of the day it is football though that must triumph. While it may seem to have been a shambles considering the inconvenience and waste of money in terms of fan travel on Saturday there is a willingness to draw a line under things.

I feel for Jordan Holmes the most though. What a high he must have been on before the game. I hope Eddie keeps him in the squad for the match and that Jordan can cope with the match being rescheduled okay along with the rest of the team.
Time to go for it one last time.
How many AFCB fans take up the option of travelling back up to Old Trafford for this game is hard to know on a Tuesday night at 8pm as the late finish would mean a probable stay over in the city rather than a return to Bournemouth on the night and that would require a couple of days holiday for most working  fans at rather short notice. The free travel though is a nice gesture by AFCB. Watching on TV is a substitute, but it does not really replace the loss of seeing the game live at the venue.

AFCB's visit to Manchester on the last day of the season will always be memorable now. But the players will want the game that is played to be remembered rather than the abandoned match and if they can perform to their best and take something from the game it will surely be their greatest result of the season. UTCIAD!

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