Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Wilson and Ritchie are not for sale, say AFCB

It seems ridiculous that Premier League big weights West Ham, Liverpool and Spurs would come straight after Callum Wilson having just had one season having only made 13 appearances. But both Jurgen Klopp and Mauricio Pocchettino are said to be in a tug of war for the striker's services, while West Ham have moved first with a £25m bid for Ritchie and Wilson that has been rejected, according to SkySports. It could be a long summer of such bids for AFCB to reject.
West ham are the first to try and see if AFCB would sell Wilson and Ritchie as well.
While Spurs are looking to off load Ryan Mason a similar deal that may be more of a like for like swap with Liverpool's Danny Ings is more likely to get a bit of ear-time on the south coast, but keeping Callum Wilson is going to be the biggest challenge that the seasiders have had since joining the Premier League. While five goals have been scored by Wilson in the league three of those came in the away game at West Ham, so perhaps the Hammers are worried that their defenders don't know how to stop Callum. It would still be a gamble for a side like Spurs of Liverpool to go for Wilson, but a gamble is much easier to make when they have bank balances that are over flowing and they can snap up a potential 20-goal a season man for something around £15m.

A bidding war of course would see this price-tag rise substantially and AFCB are as we have seen in no mood to sell. It may be that several attempts will be made to get AFCB's attention, but unless there is a price when the club says we can't refuse that amount as it would buy three or four top players, Callum should be an AFCB player in 2016-17.

The enticement of a player deal as well though with someone like Danny Ings does worry me slightly more though as Ings, like Wilson, has hardly played much this last season but the Liverpool striker is similarly making his way at this level. Players ultimately hold the power though and if Wilson wants to see his England ambitions receive a further boost as well as a substantial rise in salary, he knows he can push for a move.

AFCB are likely to want Callum to see if he will sign a new contract of course. The main problem Eddie Howe would then have is to keep the dressing room happy if salaries start to escalate. Callum only signed a new contract in the summer last season to ward off potential predators, but he will have to ask himself has his talent improved at AFCB, will he get an England call up at AFCB and does he like it at AFCB enough to stay for a season or two more before joining a club that plays in Europe and in Spurs case the Champions League?

Matt Ritchie too has been subject to interest from Man Utd as well as this bid from West Ham and the Cherries may have to look at several contracts quickly if they are to keep hold of their best assets.

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