Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Is Boruc suspect from early shots around the edge of the box?

Against Liverpool and Everton it was noticeable that AFCB let in early goals. While Eddie Howe said it was surprising that the Cherries let in any goals at all against Everton the first strike was well directed by Tom Cleverly and it was not only a shame that Simon Francis was turned inside out, but Artur Boruc did not seem to get down that quickly and the ball was in the back of the net in seconds.
Unsighted or slow to get down. Artur Boruc has to see another
shot from the edge of the box pass him the first 10 minutes.
The replay shows that Tommy Elphick made a last ditch effort to try and block the shot but all he probably did was impair the vision of Artur in the goal. Artur simply didn't expect the shot I feel and when it was struck he wasn't able to move quickly enough to get near it. While a similar goal was scored by Firmino only a week ago, it does start to feel like no coincidence that the team is not defending well enough in and around its 18 yard line and whether you blame the defenders for not getting close enough to get a block in or the keeper for not being able to keep shots from that kind of distance out, there is a clear weakness and it is costing games.

I can't say that Everton were by far the dominant team but their shooting was more accurate and of the two keepers it was Boruc that was called into action more often. You want your man between the sticks to be a star performer every week but it is the hardest position on the field and even standing just a shade too far to one side of the goal or the other leads to a poor starting position and Artur has to start looking at his positional starting point for shots on the angle around the box. He's getting beaten too often for similar goals and while the defenders are also making mistakes it should have to be an absolute blockbuster for opposition teams to score from 18-20 yards out. That said I feel AFCB's number one season has had a big season and has certainly saved the side on many occasions.

My worry is that Boruc's problems with his knee early season is still not right and that he can't always respond as quickly as he would like. I hope that is not the case. If it is though, then maybe Eddie will look at the goalkeeping position this summer.

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